What is the ‘conscious business accelerator’ and how can it help you with B2B executive sales leads?

Our tagline at Linked Strategies is – ‘a conscious business accelerator.’ It defines, in the shortest possible way, what we do. At the forefront of our mission is our conscious ethos. We help businesses that share that to accelerate their growth by bringing their message to the world quicker than most think possible. 

Please check out our blog on how we do that here.

We spoke to some of our team about what the ‘conscious business accelerator’ means to them and how it helps our clients.

Nathan Hallmark is our Senior Director of Global Strategic Relationships. He says, “Companies that do good for people or the environment take away something bad and replace it with something good.” 

“Imagine you’re a company that has a solution for the melting glaciers of Greenland, we want to help you. At the moment, we’re working with a client that bundles together hours of therapy that clients can give to the employees. Things like that are exactly what’s needed given the way the world is right now.” 

Ali Almaskati handles much of our IT. 

“It means we’re passionate about helping conscious companies grow and giving them the opportunity to work with the awesome Linked Strategies team,” he says. ”I love the satisfaction of seeing our clients’ businesses accelerate their growth beyond expectations.” 

Evelyn Glenn is one of our sales development reps. Once executives express an interest in our clients’ offerings she makes sure they get on sales calls. 

“To me a conscious business accelerator means doing what we feel is best for the customer, always,” she says. “That means guiding, advising and delivering. We put everything we can into making sure we have and achieve the same goals as our clients – we WANT to win for them.” 

Kristina Stifler is our lead copywriter, who makes sure our clients’ messages make their way to their exact target market in the best way possible. 

“For “conscious business accelerator” I have always read that two ways. First that we are conscious in the sense that we accelerate the growth of other businesses — that we are thoughtful and ethical in our approach, that we are transparent and realistic in our communications, that we are dedicated to, support and cheer on their success,” she says. “Second, that the businesses we choose to accelerate are themselves conscious – conscious about the impact they have upon their employees, their customers and the world.” 

Rebecca Girdlestone is another of our sales development reps. 

“I think “conscious business accelerator” describes the fact that we only work with conscious businesses to help them expand and grow, using our platform and services. We are proud to only work with conscious businesses and we are excellent at getting them in front of the people they need to, in order to sell and grow,” she says.