What can you do to help the world?

The world has changed in recent months. What we are living now is the new normal and businesses will have to adapt as a result, but the question is – how will they change? 

Clearly, there is a much greater need for conscious business practices than ever. Some obvious examples of businesses that are adapting rapidly are grocery delivery companies, manufactures that have pivoted to producing PPE, or even breweries that now produce hand sanitizer.

As a conscious executive in the B2B space, you too will probably be thinking about ways you can better help your community too. Whatever way you look at it, generating leads in the B2B executive space is as important as ever, especially for companies who are pivoting to help the world in new ways. 

We were talking to a business in the business cultural transformation space recently. They use a proven psychological method to completely transform some of the best known brands in the world. Exactly what is needed in the world at the moment. 

But, fear doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t just get the temps and the middle management who are all worried about their jobs right now, it grips even executives, as it did with this business. Instead of going to the market when the world needs them most, they furloughed staff and shut up shop.

What they should have done is develop some really unique content. Even if they cut the pricing and operate on low margins for a while, they could do something good. 

Taxi drivers have started doing food deliveries, so why shouldn’t large enterprises adapt in similar ways? Putting people first and foremost has always been the point of business as far as I’m concerned. It promotes a sense of accountability in people; We’re all in this together, which couldn’t be more crucial right now.

So, ask yourself, how can you use your product, service or offering to serve humanity? If you just had to break open the doors and serve communities tomorrow, what can you do to really turn and help others.It’s an interesting thought exercise and will almost certainly turn out some interesting results.

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