Virtual sales calls vs face to face sales: What happens when a road warrior can’t hit the road?

There’s no substitute for a face to face, right? The “road warriors”, the good old boys, would agree. But, right now, we’re in a complex environment where face to face just isn’t possible. 

What are you doing about lead generation and landing sales calls right now? Are they even worth it if they won’t turn into a face to face?

Being a company specializing in lead generation, getting executives meetings with other executives – we’ve seen it all. Some people will never sell virtually, because it’s just not in their mindset. The fact of the matter is it can be done easily, especially in today’s climate. 

We’ve seen plenty of million dollar deals signed virtually – with the two parties never having met face to face. There are lots of advantages to virtual meets over face to face as well. 

For one thing, you can get more of them. It’s a much smaller commitment for an exec than a face to face. The virtual option means faster follow up meetings too. That shrinks the sales cycle. 

It’s much easier to get teams of decision makers on a virtual call too. For example – one of our sales calls last year had 22 executives on the 2nd call and the six figure deal closed within 30 days. How long would that take in a face to face environment? Many months? A year? 

From an organizational standpoint, how much more efficient can a salesperson be without face to face meetings? How much money is saved on travel, how much more can you invest into getting virtual meetings that matter? 

Now don’t get us wrong here; we believe it’s always great to meet in person once you have a contract in hand, but if that’s not possible that’s ok. You can still win the business and serve them anyway.

Over the years, we’ve found time and again that setting virtual meetings can accelerate deal flow over face to face. The process just has to be mastered and invested in, like anything else. Sure, your team needs time to learn the new sales strategy, but once they have the sky’s the limit.

For more information on how to master landing virtual meetings and converting them into new business, contact us.