Video: How Linked Strategies helped Rose Group International grow their business by 50-70%


Dr. Rachel MK Headley and Meg Manke are the founders of Rose Group International. They help organizations understand their teams through change by providing training, mentorship and personality analysis for both employees and leadership. 

“If you have a better work life, then you have a better home life and community life,” says Headley, who loves helping teams that are sometimes difficult to work in thrive and become happier. “We’re out to change the world.” 

At Linked Strategies, we love to work with organizations with a mission to change the world for the better. Accelerating their growth is what we do. Check out our blog on conscious business acceleration here. 

Despite their incredible offering, Rose Group International were struggling to get in front of the right people. They tried a lot of different methods before deciding to work with Linked Strategies.

“A lot of our business came by way of networking so we were travelling a ton,” says Manke.

“We also spent a lot of money on a really high end sales guy, but we didn’t sell anything,” Headley adds, “ Was there anything we didn’t try [before coming to Linked Strategies]? Facebook ads, Linkedin, Google ads, we did direct mail… There’s a huge learning curve [in marketing], when you’re coming from corporate backgrounds.”

We often find that our new clients are stuck in the consultants’ dilemma – when you’re delivering you’re not selling. When you’re selling you’re not delivering. There’s that tension and a lot of organizations are left asking, “How do I scale?” 

Manke knew that after trying all these avenues of marketing, she and Headley had to try something radical and different to get in front of the right people. Headley, who along with Manke had been friends with Nate for some years, knew then that teaming up with Linked Strategies was the right thing to do.

“For years our clients have said to us, “You sell hope,” Headley explains. “One even said, “Why aren’t you guys in every company, you’ve changed the way I think about my people.”” 

To make that a reality, Linked Strategies set up one of our Executive Direct Response (EDR) campaigns for Manke and Headley. As we do with many companies, we helped them hone their marketing message and allowed them to make it really clear to prospects what they do. It took several months of tweaking the campaign before we started to see the results we wanted. This is sometimes the way it happens, but Rose Group felt taken care of throughout the proving process.

“It was very much like a friendship. I knew that Debbie [our COO] and the team were looking after us… We are not just a client. If it hadn’t been so personal a service we would have shut it down I think…”

Progress was slowed further by COVID hitting the world early on in their campaign. Rose Group did not give up and shut up shop, however. Instead, with our guidance and the help of our email platform, they reached out to people in their exact target market. They gave them complimentary advice on managing change when they needed it most. 

As businesses have returned to a kind of normality, those prospects are now coming to Rose Group for more help. That, combined with the power of our EDR campaign, has now brought 50-70% growth for Rose Group. 

“When it clicked, it was like drinking from a firehose,” says Headley. 

Manke says, “I didn’t spend the first 30 minutes of a sales call explaining what we do. We had 15 or 20 calls in the last month with people that already resonate with our business.”

We hear this kind of thing from a lot of our clients. We put a lot of effort into making sure prospects are not just aware of what clients do, but have also expressed an interest in partnering with them. When they arrive at the sales call, they are much more likely to convert.

“We’ve signed huge amounts of work,” Headley continues. “We’re talking to financial planners because we have so much profit we have to figure out how best to spend it… This is a conversation we’ve been wanting to have for years… Without LS it wouldn’t have happened.”

Manke says they have gained a huge amount of confidence in what they do as a result. “When you start getting those calls that actually make sense, it’s reinvigorated the mission and the purpose of our company.”

The best part is, Rose Group is just seeing the tip of the iceberg at the moment. They’re closing just the 3% of people who are ready to buy today. Over the next few months they’ll find others they’ve talked to returning to them for business when the time is right. 

“I think you have to be ready for the six months proving,” Manke says, “But, I can’t think of a single company that couldn’t use what Linked Strategies offer, both in terms of marketing development and understanding what you really offer, all the way to getting you those calls that lead to the growth of your firm.”

“Right now we’re almost a million dollar company,” says Headley. ”We couldn’t have done that without Linked Strategies.”