Professionals interacting with each other in a meeting

How to Equip Your Team to Reach Out to C-Level Execs

Reaching out to C-level executives can be intimidating, especially when your company is looking for a successful lead acquisition. C-level execs are important and influential people with tight schedules and set priorities, meaning you need to stand out to convince them for interaction or dialogue. 

In fact, over 90% of C-suite executives said that they never revert to cold calls and emails, which means strategizing communication with top managerial executives is important while demanding their attention. So, when you get the opportunity to interact, it is important to give your best shot to capture their interest. But how can you do that, if you wonder? You should equip your team with the right skills and techniques to connect with senior management. 

Below, we have thoroughly discussed a few tips that you and your team can use for reaching out to the chief executive officers (CEOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), chief information officers (CIOs), and chief strategy officers (CSOs), and other top-level execs.  

Top tips for reaching out to C-suite executives 

Following are a few tips that help you to get heard and noticed while looking forward to converting a C-level executive into a successful lead acquisition.  

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of preparation

Do your research thoroughly to present your ideas with utmost clarity and confidence. Before going into a call or holding a presentation, you should touch base on important points that highlight your product or service. Demonstrate in-depth subject knowledge by focusing right on the pain points. 

2. Prepare for interaction and not just a presentation

C-level executives are always in a rush, meaning they don’t have the time for you to present a bunch of slides and then get to the main point. Instead, they interrupt you in between and ask questions about important things. Remember, C-level execs consume information at their own pace and order. It is always a great idea to stop in between a discussion and ask about their opinion and questions. This will help you know how interested they’re in your service and how actively they listen to you.

3. Give them numbers 

To hold the interest of top-managerial executives, you should always have a data-rich conversation with them. When you talk with numbers, they connect with your growth and encourage them to convert as lead acquisition. 

Moreover, data or numbers show your credibility and success rate, which eventually help in engaging your intended audience. 

4. All executives have different needs 

You can’t follow the same approach for all the C-level executives. You must be agile and prepare to pivot according to the audience’s interest in a room or on call. For example, when you’re in a room with a chief marketing officer and a chief financial officer, you must address all the issues concerning both marketing and finance. 

Talk about how your product or service will address the needs of both teams. Practice going back and forth and turning around often between a discussion or conversation to grab the attention of the C-level execs. 

5. Talk about the big idea 

All C-level execs want something big to take home after a meeting or discussion that can value their time and efforts to get in the appointment setting. Remember that this big idea is the base of your presentation, bringing your data-driven research together. 

You must be specific with your ideas or USP to convince your audience. This may include introducing a new employee performance tracking system, marketing strategy, or training software that improves your business results. 

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