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I find it interesting that so many people just spout off anything onto the message board on linkedin and other social networking sites.  Think about it.  What you put out there is a full reflection of who you are.

So many people are constantly lowering their own quality and capacity to network by being selfish in their comments.

Here is what I am talking about… most discussions that are started are self serving.  Most of us are busy and we skim through questions if we do at all.  If someone puts a question out on the discussion board that is not immediately appealing, thought provoking, and appealing, most will just pass it over.

For example, I asked this question today:

If you were having lunch with a person that had the power to fund your business, what are the top three questions you would ask?

I posted this question at 2:30pm today on various applicable message boards and it is 6:41 right now the same day.  I have had exactly 49 responses that are thoughtful, thought provoking and are adding value to the groups that answered.

Now most of you may think, big wow, 49 responses isn’t much of anything.  But what you don’t see is the quality of the network that is built from it.  I now have networked with three major owners of Venture Capital firms (one of my initial goals) because of this question alone.  In fact one of them requested to sit on my Board of Advisors… all this happened today from asking a good question… in a little over four hours.

Learn the power of thoughtfulness and put some thought into the comments and questions you make before you make them.  Ask yourself these questions before pushing the “send” button:

1. Does this comment or question portray me the way I want to be seen?

2. Does this comment or question add value to other people if answered thoughtfully?

3. Does this comment or question help me reach an end goal…however indirect it may be?

4. Am I placing this question or comment in a place that will be interested in the topic?

5. Am I helping the individuals in this group grow from this question?

I hope this helps.