Social Media Tools

social technology,high technology,latest techonology,technology benefitsI was thinking tonight about technology, how it was to provide us freedom, less stress, and all in all make life easier. I suppose to some extent that is true, but overall, is it? I suppose I’m too young to know what life was like without alot of the technologies we take for granite today. I can hardly imagine what it would be like to take a drive without the need to fill the time with a call you’ve been meaning to make or a business associate you need to catch up with simply because by not having a cell phone. That is a great reason to get a motorcycle or convertible!

Social Technologies are not slowing this process down at all, it’s pulling us into texting on the road, always being “ON” and increasingly connected with everyone and anyone. I have found for myself, my clients, my family and others that setting rules and boundaries is very important. So I turn off on the weekends as much as possible and on Sundays I pretty much don’t do anything with technology, ie computers and cell phones. I am working on doing this for a whole day in the work week as well to improve my creativity.

What is it you do each week or month to find real freedom? I would love to hear what you do and suggest!