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Building a predictable and sustainable lead generation machine is quite challenging. However, once you figure it out it can be extremely rewarding.

Investing in lead generation tools that can help you get the job done can take you a far way in achieving that.

The great Benjamin Franklin said – “The best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade” and Vita Sackville-West once said – “A man and his tools make a man and his trade.”

However, David Allen also said – “If the only tool you have is a hammer, it’s hard to eat spaghetti.”

So it is critical to know and invest in the right tools to do the job.

Chances are you opened this blog because you know the importance of having the right tools and want to know what the best lead generation tools are.

So, here are some of the most effective lead generation tools you and your team can utilize to capture and convert more leads:


1.   ActiveCampaign

Your CRM solution and email marketing are crucial to your ability to capture and convert leads. You’ll have a harder job qualifying and converting leads if you can’t properly segment and follow-up with those leads.

With ActiveCampaign you can track every interaction a lead has with your website and then use these as triggers for your email marketing campaigns. This allows you to notify your sales team as soon as a lead visits a certain page on your website.

2.   MailChimp

FREE, popular, easy to use and offers hundreds of integrations. Your first automated email, when a new subscriber joins, is sent for free for up to 2,000 list members per month.

3.   Turnstile

With this tool, you can collect names and email addresses of potential customers watching your videos. By offering an email collector at the beginning, middle or end of your video this tool allows you to turn engaged visitors into valuable leads.

4.   Reply 

This service puts your email outreach on autopilot. It allows you to create cold email campaigns that feel like warm emails.

Social media

5.   LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A valuable addition to your B2B lead generation efforts. This is a great tool for capturing B2B sales leads because it enables you to save leads into your CRM directly from LinkedIn. You will also get lead recommendations and see who has viewed your profile.

6.   Woobox

It’s common for companies to have thousands of fans on social media but struggle to convert them into leads. This tool helps you set up giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, on social media platforms.

7.   Mention

Used the right way, you can easily generate leads from your social media mentions. When your company or keywords are ‘mentioned’ you’ll get a notification.

You can use these notifications to offer landing pages with solutions to generate leads. This also integrates with Slack, so notifications will be timely.

Live Chat

Most people think of on-site chat as a customer service tool but the tools below are quickly changing that.

8.   Drift

Drift is a chat tool focused on helping you convert your visitors into leads. They recently launched Driftbot, an artificial intelligence bot that will hold conversations with visitors with the aim of converting them without needing your help.

9.   Intercom Acquire

Another live chat tool that enables you to communicate directly with visitors to your website. You can even do video chats with visitors directly from the live chat window.

Marketing Automation

Best-in-class marketers at 87% of top-performing companies are using marketing automation platform to better contribute to their sales pipeline. Companies that use software will likely have stronger and more successful lead generation efforts.

10.   Callmaker

A great inbound tool that has the potential to help you start more sales conversations. By adding an automated calling service to your website, Callmaker allows you to collect more phone numbers from sales prospects and call them back almost immediately.

11.   Infusionsoft 

A must-use tool for e-commerce companies who are interested in marketing automation. They offer multiple packages that allow any company to start generating leads with landing pages and unlimited forms for a site.

There are many integrations for Infusionsoft such as EventBrite, Quickbooks, and WordPress.

12.   Marketo

This marketing automation software makes it easier for marketers to engage customers and sales prospects.

13.   Autopilot

This lead management software does marketing automation very well. This tool has some of the best automation features on the market. You can upload your list, or have it imported through Zapier, then design as many drip series as you want.

Some of its features include personalization based on website visiting behaviors and expert review of your email series.


Your lead capture form is what separates your leads from non-leads. Thus, small improvements can have a significant impact on your overall conversion rate.

14.   Leadformly

Makes it easy to build high-converting lead generation forms. Most forms provided by email marketing services and CRMs are very basic.

Leadformly identifies what actually increases form conversions from displaying optimal progress bar indicators, to using conditional logic to segment leads.

They have built-in analytics and audience insights to help you understand your leads and how your forms are performing.

15.   OptinMonster

OptinMonster helps you generate leads by displaying beautiful and eye-catching elements such as forms, pop-ups, exit intent, sidebars, top bars, bottom bars, pop-ins, and A/B testing, particularly for WordPress websites.

Lead Data Collection

16.   Lead Forensics

A tool like LeadFormly will significantly increase the percentage of visitors filling out your forms but another tool, Lead Forensics, will mop up those remaining leads that will always be slipping through the cracks.

Lead Forensics does this by using the visitor’s IP address to tell you which companies are viewing your website, even if they don’t fill out your enquiry form.

These leads are already familiar with your business so this can increase your conversion rate and the number of targeted leads your business receives.

17.   LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer helps you find new leads, speed up lead qualification and gain valuable insights about your website visitors.

It does this by using proprietary algorithms and data sources to give you advanced, real-time information about who is on and interacting with your website and lead generation assets.

Landing page

There is a difference between a lead and a visitor — how long they stick around. An effective landing site that grabs visitors attention making them want to learn more about your company and its products, can turn your visitors into leads.

18.   LeadPages

LeadPages takes the guesswork out of web development by providing a simple drag and drop solution for creating effective pages.


19.   Omnistar Tell

A trusted referral marketing tool that helps you increase sales and referrals while saving money in the process. The software integrates with many popular eCommerce apps such as Paypal and Shopify.

Brand positioning

20.   Colibri IO.

A great inbound marketing and lead generation tool, Colibri IO allows you to find conversations about your products, brand, and competitors, giving you the tools you need to discover quality websites where you can get valuable mentions and build influence.

The service also improves your brand position in search engines better by helping you identify opportunities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

21.   Salesforce

Enables sales, marketing, and customer service teams to identify, convert, and maintain prospect business leads. A market leader in cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce offers a massive array of tools and integrations.


Sales representatives need a CRM that works with their processes and that is the goal at Included in the plan are API access, call recording, and automatic call tracking.


23.   SlideShare

Since joining forces with LinkedIn in 2012, Slideshare has become one of the most effective B2B lead generation tools. If your slides are well-designed and easy to understand there’s a high likelihood that they’ll be featured on their homepage driving thousands of views.

This should help SEO rankings when people search for the topic of your presentation on the platform – putting you in front of targeted leads.


24.   Qualaroo

They provide unobtrusive mini customer surveys on your website. Often considered a customer research tool but one underused tactic is to use the tool for lead generation.

You can ask your visitors a series of questions and by step 2/3 of the survey, it may make sense to arrange a call or ask for an email.


Keeping your sales and marketing teams on point is vital for lead generation in any B2B company. In order to transform leads into satisfied customers, companies need to be able to monitor the entire process from start to finish, identifying weak spots in which you lose customers due to lack of information or a misapplied marketing strategy.

25.   Hubspot 

A great addition to any lead generation stack, Hubspot is a very popular all-in-one inbound marketing and sales platform that ultimately allows you to craft the most cost-effective campaign possible.

It helps companies do multiple things such as – unlock new sales, convert leads, attract visitors. The software is capable of managing content marketing, lead generation, forms, landing pages, email series and workflows, and segmentation.

There are additional add-ons for CRM and PPC as well.

HubSpot will also provide you with information to measure the effectiveness of your lead generation endeavors.

Whichever marketing tool(s) you decide on using I hope this extensive list will supercharge your lead generation efforts.

The lead generation tools you need to be successful will depend on your specific goals that best fits your lead generation strategy. That’s why we’ve broken the list down into categories. 

And if you’re aware of any other good lead generation tools that I might’ve missed, feel free to share them in the comments below.