We’ve received so many wonderful testimonies from people all over the world and we’d like you to be the next one! Here’s just a sampling of the great feedback that’s come in recently…

We Want You To Be Our Next Success Story!

Senn Delaney is the leading firm and the first in the world to focus exclusively on transforming cultures. We have a singular mission: to create healthy, high-performance cultures. More Fortune 500 and Global 1000 CEOs have chosen us as their trusted partner in their journey to help shape cultures that deliver better business results than any other company in our field. We traditionally received a majority of our leads from migrating executives who had seen great results with our service and wanted to bring that experience into their new organizations and from senior leaders who recommended us to others. We were seeking a partner who embraced Conscious Business principals who could help us expand our executive lead generation program above and beyond migrating executive referrals. Linked Strategies has been an excellent partner for us and have exceeded our expectations by connecting our Executive team with a peer group that includes some of the top industry leaders in the world. We highly recommend Linked Strategies if you are seeking to get the positive attention of highly respected senior executives in your target markets.

— Penny Madden

I initially reached out to Linked Strategies as a referral from a well trusted vendor partner. I’m glad I did. With a new sales team on my hands, I had to triple our monthly opportunities with 3x revenue to hit our targets for the year. We received 797 positive replies in our first ninety days. From those positive replies, we received 83 appointment requests from 57 unique companies in our 1st 90 days using Linked Strategies… Amazing!” BTW… these weren’t just any meetings. We we’re able to connect with the CEO of Heinz Mexico and the CSO of Kraft Foods just as an example. Linked Strategies whole team was committed to our success. I highly recommend their services to anyone who’s serious in accelerating their sales through predictable and cutting edge marketing strategies.

K2 has grown into an award-winning business application software company with five offices and over 500 employees across the globe. More than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries, including 30 percent of the Fortune 100, are using K2 to save money, reduce risk and grow revenue. We have a global sales team of over 50 representatives and were seeking a way to optimize our top of the sales funnel lead generation process. Linked Strategies has been an amazing partner delivering us a consistent and high-volume of pre-qualified sales leads for our sales team. We are now expanding our program into the European market. I highly recommend Linked Strategies if you have lofty revenue targets and you are seeking a predictable and effective way to fill your sales funnel with quality leads

— Cassandra Tenoro

I can’t say enough positive accolades in working with Linked Strategies. I am a business advisor to some of the most brilliant C-Suite executives on a global scale. I understand the power of automating your marketing system…and no one does it as good as Linked Strategies. Last month, I had over 38 booked appointments. Thank you ‘a million times’!

— Ted Miller III

This is what people are all looking for. This is the red sea parting! Getting good leads in this marketing environment is very hard. Linked Strategies helped me get straight to the right people and have them ask me for the call to discuss what I am offering! Amazing

— Sue Rice

I know this may sound too good to be true but what I am about to share is from personal experience working with Linked Strategies.

I have to tell you, the whole experience has been AMAZING. The bottom line is the Linked Strategies team provided me a missing piece of my marketing puzzle that I didn’t even know I was missing.

— Robert Hargrove

I’m simply amazed at the number of high quality leads I’m getting from the work I am doing with Linked Strategies. I’ve never had this level of connection with high-level executives before. Their use of LinkedIn and email marketing as a serious business tool to access my ideal client has been extraordinary.

— Kevin Donahue

Some of our clients include: