Telemarketing during COVID: Getting harder by the day

In the B2B space, telemarketing can be practically impossible to master at the best of times. Check out our blog on the subject here. The problem, if you’re looking to close big deals, is getting through to an exec with the decision making authority you need. That usually means starting with someone lower down in the organization – gatekeepers. With the world as it is right now, the number of gatekeepers to c-suite execs is growing. 

The difficulty is the new work from home culture. Siemens recently announced they’re going to switch a minimum of 50% of their 300,000 plus staff, to working from home, permanently. 

Telemarketing is going to be much harder because switch boards aren’t being used. Anyone working from home is probably just going to be using a work mobile, not a direct line for you to connect to. That means even getting to the lower down titles is going to be harder as you’ll need to persuade switchboard operators to give out cell numbers. 

In many previous blog posts, we’ve said that email is the best way to get directly to the executives, bypassing the gatekeepers. You can check out some of our posts on why here. It’s not simply a case of sending an email, however. At this sensitive time, the messaging has to be on point and done in a way that’s conscious and respectful.