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5 Most Effective Tactics for Account Based Marketing

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to invest in lead generation or entertain unqualified leads to find out your target audience? Undoubtedly, that will help increase efficiency and engage only the potential customers. It would also save money, time, and other resources that one can use to invest in other valuable aspects to expedite the sales process.

But how is it possible? Well, most B2B vendors, market research firms, and companies are now investing in account-based marketing (ABM) as it helps them reach out to the accounts of high quality leads. It is a result-based approach that works collaboratively with both sales and marketing teams.

Read on to learn more about abm marketing and the five most effective tactics to capture your target audience successfully.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing is a process that eliminates less-valuable companies from ones marketing efforts to allow you to engage and interact with high quality leads. Therefore, narrowing in on more qualified prospects and turning them into actual customers. An effective account based marketing approach encourages the marketing and sales team to align their goals with each other to locate, interact, and close deals with only valuable prospects that matter most in a business.

Interestingly, ABM is not a new concept in the marketing world; it actually experienced a rebirth due to technological development, changing economy, rising competition, and market demands. A major reason for reintroducing the concept is also the growing interest of B2Bmarketers in high-value companies. Nowadays companies only focus on accounts that can offer them a higher return on investment (ROI). 

As per reports, about 76% of marketers using effective account based marketing strategies with relatable buyers’ persona and highly personalized messages experienced an increased ROI in 2020. These marketers also witnessed strong and improved relationships with the target audience. Abm marketing also helps companies build a positive brand reputation through different marketing and sales strategies.

5 Important Tactics for Successful Account Based Marketing

As marketers, it is essential for you to learn tactics to convert unqualified accounts to qualified target audiences via account marketing.

1. Create Personalized Landing Pages on Your Website

Personalization is the key to connect directly with your target audience. Marketers must create highly tailored messages or content to give what their customers demand. Moreover, customers want their brands to send out personalized messages.

According to a report, 41% of customers switched to competitive companies due to poor personalization, causing the company’s loss of billions of dollars. Your target customers won’t be interested in a bot or templated messages when they show interest and intent to invest in your business.

Personalizing every communication is a mandate that every marketer should use for improved interaction with valuable prospects. If you are looking to connect with execs, tailor your emails or other content to address them personally; that way, you’ll grab their attention right from the beginning.

2. Create Direct C-Level Campaigns

If you aim to develop a strong relationship with C-suite execs, use in-house C-level outreach for authority and credibility. From sending emails or phone calls, the communication should be between a C-suite executive and C-level outreach.

In most cases, professionals from the higher tier of the management may not entertain messages from the subordinate level, so you need someone at a higher or similar position to grab the attention of the C-level execs.

3. Aligning Marketing and Sales Teams

To successfully implement your abm marketing strategies, you need to keep the marketing and sales team in sync. You should establish a clear, precise, and direct communication channel between the team to formulate marketing and sales plans.

A marketer can easily manage ten salespeople, and they can together work on the given accounts to narrow down high-value leads. Similarly, those ten salespersons can take up around 8 to 10 accounts to analyze their buying behavior, purchasing power, and pain points.

4. Do your Homework to Create Account Personas

Once the marketing and sales teams are successfully synchronized, you can move further to developing the buyers’ personas for your accounts. You can use the data that both the teams have created after carefully examining and studying the accounts to create personalized profiles. Following are a few parameters that you should consider while developing account personas:

  • The current company size, market valuation, and growth planning
  • The engagement of high-value accounts with the inbound marketing approach of the company
  • Mission, revenue model, and purchasing power
  • Presence of target accounts on different marketing platforms

5. Use Retargeting to Create Awareness

Retargeting is a ninja technique to convert your prospect into customers. It helps target accounts that interacted with your company earlier but didn’t make an investment. Through retargeting, you can approach them again because they’ve shown interest in your product or service; that’s why they connected with you in the first place.

Retargeting also helps create brand awareness and gain insights into the target audience’s expectations. If you wonder how retargeting works in effective account-based marketing, read through the example – When a potential customer visits a similar b2b vendor website, it can track the online footprints via cookies. Using account based marketing programs like Demandbase, you can get the IP addresses to understand the online behavior of your target audience, and you can use that information to retarget them with your products or services.

Why ABM Is the Best Tactic to Employ When Looking for High Quality Leads

The aim of employing account based marketing is to generate more revenue from targeted accounts. It encourages to save time on just generating leads instead of focusing on prospects that can actually convert into actual customers. There are different reasons that make abm indeed that best practice for lead capturing, such as:

  •  It is data-driven and uses a more personalized approach to connect with the target customers
  • Account marketing helps businesses reach out to the decision-makers or C-level execs
  • Because you only connect with high-value accounts, you get higher contract value, eventually adding up to the increased ROI
  • Helps in strengthening relationships with the target market
  • Increase engagement and retention
  • Build strong relationships and coordination between the marketing and sales teams

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