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5 Proven Strategies to Ace B2B Lead Generation

B2B lead generation is no easy task, and it’s only becoming more challenging. Marketers are also on the lookout for new lead-generation marketing strategies. As technology evolves and new techniques are developed, lead generation becomes easier. Many strategies are available, but finding which will drive the most sales and increase ROI can be tricky. 

We’ve put together five proven B2B lead generation strategies that are certain to convert qualified leads with an established interest in your offer, ready to purchase what your business has. 

Master B2B content marketing 

A well-thought-out B2B lead generation strategy is content marketing. Establishing your value proposition by putting out SEO-driven content can remarkably strengthen your lead generation. High-quality content ranks high on search engines and positions your business directly in front of people searching for your offer. 

Other ways to establish yourself as a thought leader is by engaging in relevant conversations online, in groups, and in forums that your target audience frequents. You may also contribute guest posts to complementary businesses as their audience may also have some interest in your offer. 

Developing informative white papers on your recent business activities and developments in your industry is also a great source of B2B content marketing. It gives insights into business operations and shows your knowledge of your field.

Establish social proof 

Social proof and recommendations give your business a stamp of approval your prospects will appreciate. Using user-generated content like reviews and feedback to highlight your value proposition establishes that your business has happy customers and should be trusted. Showing leads how beneficial your offer is, can be the final push they need to patronize you. 

Social proof is so important that 92 percent of B2B purchases are made following a positive review from a trusted source. Give existing clients a reason to leave positive reviews and testimonials to increase your social proof and watch your leads convert like crazy.

Participate in speaking engagements

Attending trade shows, conferences, and industry events is another way to boost B2B lead generation. They’re an ideal place to meet with like-minded business professionals and create meaningful relationships. Participating and speaking at such events shows expert knowledge in your field and makes your business more appealing to leads. It also allows them to mingle with your employees and learn more about your business’s operations. 

Target LinkedIn 

Creating a strategy for social media platforms like LinkedIn can also strengthen your B2B lead generation process. Linkedin is the most significant gathering place for business professionals, with over 850 million people on the platform. Posting high-value content, sharing company updates, and interacting with others on LinkedIn boosts your visibility and draws more people to your business. 

You can join many industry-centric groups on LinkedIn with either a business or personal page and contribute to discussions there to establish thought leadership. Leverage LinkedIn tools to make connecting with, sending, and responding to inquiries easier. 

Another way to increase your reach and gain more leads is by running sponsored ads on Linkedin. It’ll position your brand in front of audiences you don’t have connections with that could be interested in your brand. 

Leverage B2B lead generation services

Your business can take advantage of many services tailored toward B2B lead generation. They enable you to organically drive leads to make purchase decisions and combine the use of tactics to move a lead forward in the sales funnel. 

B2B lead generation is usually the first stage of the buyer journey and focusing on moving them toward the final sale using these methods is a proven way to get them to convert. Contact us today to learn how Linked Strategies lead generation services can help improve your marketing process.