Linked Strategies leverages data, automation, psychology, email technology, market testing and more – to identify, engage and motivate response from your company’s most ideal prospects – or to engage, surprise and delight, and deepen relationships with current clients, employees, distributors or other channel partners.

With our exclusive focus and experience connecting with senior executives, we understand their mindset and know how to courteously and professionally get their attention to deliver your most motivating message to elicit a response.

How can our relationship-building help you?

Select one of our proven solutions for the challenges you face

Fill Sales Pipeline

  • Lack of high quality, quick-to-close leads
  • Spending too much time prospecting vs. selling
  • Inconsistent & unpredictable revenue growth


Our proprietary and proven outbound emailing methodology delivers leads or scheduled meetings with real business prospects – in less time at less cost than trying to do it yourself.

Get to Top Prospects

  • Unable to open door with best prospect companies
  • Hard time getting through to key decision makers
  • Difficulty engaging multiple executives in company


Our account-based marketing solution leverages the power of colleagues, and targeted personas-based messaging to drive awareness, responsive and purchase interest from your “dream” prospect companies.

Client LTV & Referrals

  • Need to increase client retention & lifetime value
  • No formal program for building customer loyalty
  • Lack of consistent referrals from existing clients


Employ our turnkey, systematized and automated messaging and gifting program to assure that high value clients get the attention they deserve – to boost retention, lifetime value, and referrals.

Drive Up Engagement

  • Looking to build loyalty & motivation for key employees
  • Need to stay top-of-mind, energize and activate distributors and/or other channel partners


Our automated messaging and gifting program deepens relationships and inspires higher motivation and productivity for the people your business depends on.

Experts Agree – Business is All About Relationships

Cultivate the trusted executive relationships required to predictably and consistently grow your business