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**Sales Superstar** Fast Growing International Virtual Company Pays Well for Great Sales Talent! 

Sales Reps earn $120K/year Sales Superstars earn $240K/year

Our average salesperson earns $120,000 per year, while a good sales person pulled down over $220,000. This is just the beginning, because we are willing to pay well and you’ll see why true top producers can double that!

We don’t care about your background as much as we do your SKILLS for sales. Young or old if you have the stuff for sales we’ll know it. But please don’t even respond unless you really have the stuff of greatness.

Does integrity define your character; does driven define your state 1st thing in the morning? If so you’ll find a home here because our goal is to accelerate the growth of conscious and transformational companies around the world!

With 117% growth last year we are fast becoming the innovators of marketing in the B2B space specializing in driving business opportunities that generate new business, referral business, increased contract spend and expanded contract terms.

One of our primary solutions includes cold email which had a median ROI of 122% – more than four times higher than other marketing formats, including social media, direct mail and paid search according to a June 2016 survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Demand Metric found.

Executives open e-mail 20x times a day versus social media once a week… if that!

Back to our company… beyond the fantastic culture of the thoughtful, team oriented staff and the fulfilling work environment the other obvious reason to read on is the opportunity itself.

It couldn’t be easier; we have marketing campaigns that pre-qualify prospects  that want to speak with a salesperson. We generated more warm executive prequalified leads than our team can even keep up with, hence this advertisement for great sales talent. Plus, marketing innovation is never complete, so we are always testing our newest marketing products with our sales team first!

Also, you’ll get superb training! If there is a fit between our culture and your skill… you’ll have access to brilliant training. Achievers get to tap into the investment we’ve made for our team memebers by hiring world-leaders in sales, marketing, personal and business growth for your betterment. This team has managed and trained for others like Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.

All of our team members work remotely, having you work from your home or office no matter where that may be in the world.

Our team members have the opportunity to earn an exceptional living without the commute. You must have a reliable computer, high speed Internet and unlimited telephone calls to apply.

If you’re not self-motivated please do not contact us. If you’re looking to fill your unemployment quota, please don’t waste our time. The right person, possibly you, can build an empire within our progressive organization.

This is a legitimate sales position that generates real income. You could be making money in the next month, and be on trajectory for big pay days within 60 to 90 days. Humbly, we’ll confess…we have more opportunities than we can get to, even our CEO is making 30 sales calls a month.

That pain is driving the need for more sales talent. We need people to; pick up the phone and make money, follow up on warm leads, go after key accounts and get into organizations. Because this demands dialing activities to have real conversations, don’t even bother applying if that phone feels like 100 lbs to you.

We are open to have you work for the opportunity, build a career or create a dynasty. Meaning if you would like a brilliant 6 figure career and bang out the minimum of an 8-hour daily commitment, 5 days a week, you can. However, if you are ready to finally get what you deserve in this world, based on your own abilities and convictions…lean in and we’ll back your move. You can chase the money, build a long term career here or you can look up the latter towards the Director of Sales opening. But you must be good because we spend tens of thousands of dollars and years creating those prospects and past clients. Meaning these leads are expensive and these people are important to us, so we can’t waste our money or reputation on poor performers.

Apply to this job and we will contact you to schedule a pre-screening time that fits within both of our schedules. Now the pre-screening conversations are only about ten minutes, some longer, most much shorter. Feel free to include your LinkedIn url or a resume, but a perfect resume is not what we are looking for – it is talent and that is obvious quickly.

We are looking forward to speaking with top producers and super stars only.

Please apply via the form below!

Nathan C. Kievman
CEO, The Linked Strategies Group