Every B2B company would like to deliver a customer experience so amazing that they can count on receiving a steady stream of referrals. But most don’t have the resources, processes or time to make it happen with any consistency or predictability.


Rather than leaving referrals to chance and unpredictability, our “Clients for Life” program provides a structured and consistent, high-touch process of personalized communications and gifting to cultivate the conditions that promote greater referrals, engagement, feedback, retention, renewals, increased spending, and longer than average contract renewals. It can also be used to nurture prospective clients as well.

Clients for Life Program Deliverables:


  • Communications & gifting for past and current clients that exceed expectations
  • Deeper relationships with past and current clients
  • Increased client retention, renewals and spend
  • Expanded scope of business from current clients (depts., division, geographies, services)
  • Client quotes, testimonials, videos, etc.
  • Consistent generation of client referrals for new business
  • Can be used to nurture prospective clients

A Turnkey Program for Cultivating Raving Fans… and Referrals

Engineering the thoughtfulness
that leads to deeper relationships


The Linked Strategies Clients for Life Program provides you with the communications and gift delivery, data technology, and dedicated team to allow you to outsource and fully automate the process of driving new referrals. We work in partnership with your designated Marketing and Sales people to perform in sync with you to achieve your desired goals, and provide continuous program monitoring and feedback for total transparency on performance.

Dedicated Team

We support you with a Strategist to help set and guide your campaign, our Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) to guide your gifting strategy, a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to serve as liaison and coordinate logistics, our Research team to enrich your database of targeted prospects, our SDR team to manage follow-ups, and our Technology Team to manage the data and messaging infrastructure that underpins it all.

Unique Technology

Linked Strategies has developed a platform specifically customized for our Clients for Life Program. It allows for deep data capture of the prospective “champions” we’ll be targeting, communications scheduling and automation, and program monitoring and tracking

Relationship-Optimizing Touchpoints

We’ve created email messaging and gifting ideas based on best practices and what we know works based on experience and testing. There are several tiers, targeted by corporate hierarchy and influence. All communications and gifts are customizable to your business and your prospects

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