Meet the team… Rebecca Girdlestone: Delivering executive meetings to our clients’ doorsteps through consciousness

Our business is about forming genuine, long term bonds between our clients and the executives they want to to do businesses with. For us, that starts at home. We couldn’t build connections between execs without the bonds we’ve built amongst our in-house team.

Where most companies just pay lip service to a culture of conscientiousness and personal development, we believe we’ve genuinely achieved it. From the top, all the way through to our c-suite, IT department, sales development reps, copywriters and ultimately, the clients we select, we live and breathe our mission of making the world a better place. 

We’re extremely proud of the elite team of ‘conscientious overachievers’ we’ve assembled, so, over the next couple of weeks we’re showcasing them. We also asked them what makes the business unique, to give you a sense of who we are and how we’re able to deliver high quality meetings with executives. 

Rebecca Girdlestone is one of our sales development reps and a junior strategist. Once an executive has expressed an interest in what our clients do, she nurtures the prospect through to a meeting. She plays a crucial role in making sure they arrive at the meetings excited to learn more about the offering. 

Recently, she’s been working with one of our clients that sells personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers fighting against the global pandemic. 

“We’ve generated 173 opportunities for them to speak to people in need of PPE around the world – in less than two months,” she says. “They’re extremely happy, not only with the quality, but with the volume. They’re an American based business, but we’ve gotten them a lot of global clients, like national governments and huge retailers.”

Before joining Linked strategies. Rebecca worked in telemarketing lead generation, where she managed a team of sixty people. 

She recalls, “It was really difficult to get through to the c-suite. They have no call policies. We’d make 150 calls a day and speak to 10 percent of them.” 

Compared to Linked Strategies’ method of generating leads with cold emails, it’s night and day she reckons. “We get a twenty percent response rate minimum here and an awful lot are positive responses… The type of people we get you in front of is totally different as well. When you’re trying to cold call, as much as you try, you end up speaking to the analysts and assistants.”

Having a conscious leader for Linked Strategies (our CEO and founder Nate) makes all the difference according to Rebecca. “The company’s done a lot of good and can reach a lot of people. It’s got a family feel and when clients come on board they can become part of that family if they choose to.” 

“When I joined I realised what a breath of fresh air this company was. I didn’t realise a CEO could be so understanding and flexible, such a pleasure to work with.”