Meet the team – Nate Kievman: Finding the right fish to cast your message to

Our business is about forming genuine, long term bonds between our clients and the executives they want to to do businesses with. For us, that starts at home. We couldn’t build connections between execs without the bonds we’ve built amongst our in-house team.

From the top, all the way through to our c-suite, IT department, sales development reps, copywriters and ultimately, the clients we select, we live and breathe our mission of making the world a better place. 

We’re extremely proud of the team of ‘conscientious overachievers’ we’ve assembled, so, over the next couple of weeks we’re showcasing them. We also asked them what makes the business unique, to give you a sense of who we are and how we’re able to deliver high quality meetings with executives.

Nate Kievman is our co-founder and CEO. He created the company nine years ago, with his wife Leah. It was not just a product of professional experience, but also, an expression of their personal convictions for making the world a better place.

“If we can’t be good to each other and build eachother up, then what are we here on this planet for?” he says.

“We created Linked Strategies to be the company that puts you at the top of the mountain, able to project what you’re doing to make the world better to everyone below. We wanted to be able to reach thousands, hundreds of thousand and in a few cases, millions, in an instant.”

Nate was in the business of lead generation long before he started Linked Strategies. His previous company was focused on the finance and mortgage industries. The goal was to find prospects in the B2B space, using LinkedIn at first, then the whole digital and social media space. 

“We were targeting executives and we learned that they weren’t reading the content unless it was sent to them by someone with authority, directly. We stopped using LinkedIn as a primary source of communication after we did an informal survey of 900 execs. We asked them, “Where do you spend your time?”” 

Most came back with the same answers, he says. No one mentioned LinkedIn. They used it maybe twice a year, or more frequently if they were job hunting. Outside of meetings and phone calls, they were on email. You can read our blog about why that is here. 

Linked Strategies built a technology program to capitalise on that, using emails to get our clients’ message to market more efficiently and more directly. 

“Most marketing is taking a long term approach,” he says, “Meaning, what lead gen businesses do is, drop some fishing hooks into the ocean and hope the right fish find it eventually. What we do is get all the right fish, put them in a single pond and learn what food they like the best. We know they’re going to bite.”

“What makes Linked Strategies unique is its ability to do that at the highest executive level in the world. If you want to talk to CEOs, there’s no better way to do it at scale and with the same level of accuracy.” 

That’s how Linked Strategies makes the world a better place, by connecting the people making a difference to the world, whether it be companies making PPE for COVID prevention to businesses helping cure previously incurable diseases.