Meet the team – Debbie Milner: Pulling the levers on the ‘conscious business accelerator’

We’re extremely proud of the elite team of ‘conscientious overachievers’ we’ve assembled at Linked Strategies, so, over the next couple of weeks, we’re showcasing them. 

Our COO, Debbie Milner, comes from a fintech background. She has degrees in law and the arts and has lived in countries like South Africa, Italy, England, and Canada. She’s worked for three of the big five consulting companies, in multiple retail and investment banks and start-ups and even had the privilege of lecturing at Oxford and Harvard. 

She sees our organization as a ‘conscious business accelerator’. Conscious, because we build value through monetizing client experience – helping humanity, one person at a time, one message at a time and making the world a better place. An accelerator, because we connect executives with the peers they want to do business with, help generate leads faster than they thought possible. 

She says she shared the values of Linked Strategies long before she even became aware of the business. Her parents taught her, “That “doing the right thing” though harder in the short term, is actually easier in the end.”

“There aren’t enough businesses whose cultural focus is on humanity,” she says. “We hope to spread that. We hope to bring positivity and light into organizations.”

It takes enormous energy to stay focused on this goal, independent of what is happening commercially, she says. Still, Debbie puts this front and center in her own life. She takes a lot of inspiration from her fellow South African, Nelson Mandela.

“Mandela is a man who has changed our universe. He said, “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living...” Most of us forget to put on our superhero capes in the morning and go beyond what we’re doing.”

In line with this, she says Linked Strategies doesn’t settle for anything other than the pursuit of excellence. When confronted with situations or people who are fearful, concerned or stressed, she tries to bring the concept of consciousness to the fore, to bring the best out of them and herself. 

But what makes Linked Strategies unique? 

“Refusing to accept the cynicism that goes into other people’s lives,” says Debbie. “There’s a fundamental lack of cynicism and plenty of hope and dignity. There’s a sense of oneness.”

She says it allows our team and our clients to grow within a safe environment, which means making mistakes, as well as recovering from them should be enabled. 

“We really like each other as people and have a lot of fun. We truly communicate with each other. Having come from a big company background, it took me two years to adjust to that culture. There’s no aggression in the business and no ego.” 

“What drew me to Nate [our CEO and Founder] was exactly that. There is no ego. He is open, he listens. He believes in the oneness of humanity. He believes in our goal of sharing with others and caring for those around us.”

She adds, “What keeps me on the “straight and narrow” is a conversation held regularly with the spiritual heart of the business, the co-founder, Leah Kievman. I am lucky enough to have access to regular conversations with Leah, who is unshakeable in her focus on our goal to support and enable others. “

Debbie says her goal moving forward is to be able to continue to contribute to her team and her clients with the support of some extraordinary colleagues.