Meet the team… Ali Almaskati: Keeping it ahead of the curve

Our business is about forming genuine, long term bonds between our clients and the executives they want to to do businesses with. For us, that starts at home. We couldn’t build connections between execs without the bonds we’ve built amongst our in-house team.

Where most companies just pay lip service to a culture of conscientiousness and personal development, we believe we’ve genuinely achieved it. From the top, all the way through to our c-suite, IT department, sales development reps, copywriters and ultimately, the clients we select, we live and breathe our mission of making the world a better place. 

We’re extremely proud of the elite team of ‘conscientious overachievers’ we’ve assembled, so, over the next couple of weeks we’re showcasing them. We also asked them what makes the business unique, to give you a sense of who we are and how we’re able to deliver high quality meetings with executives.

Ali Almaskati, is our technical implementation manager. Tech makes up a huge part of getting our clients’ messages out to c-suite executives and Ali is at the centre of that. To find out more about how we engage executives over email, check out our blog post on the subject here.

His background is in IT and he was offering helpdesk and infrastructure support to the lead generation industry well before he joined Linked Strategies. For him, what makes Linked Strategies unique is the cutting edge nature of what we do.

“This company is really ahead of the curve,” he says. “It’s a unique way for clients to engage in their target market and the most effective way of doing it I’ve seen… Using psychological triggers in the messaging and the technology used to deliver the email, it’s just the most effective way of communicating in the 21st century.”

When a new client comes on board, Ali lays the foundations for a campaign by whittling out data on executives they want to engage with.

Once the campaign’s up and running and the emails are being sent out, he gathers intel on how it’s progressing. 

“That gives insight on how the message is resonating, how the target market is actually responding to the engagement,” he explains. “Each client is different, there’s a lot of learning that comes from exposure to different industries.” 

Right now, Linked Strategies is in the process of launching an entirely new email platform. “We’re going to be building more intelligence on whether the data is working and it’ll allow us to flag good data for future use on other campaigns,” he says.

As a place to work, Linked Strategies is miles ahead too, Ali reckons.

“Being a flat organization, means we share the tasks. I like that there’s no hierarchy in terms of the staff level of management… Yul [our CTO] comes and helps me if I’m overwhelmed. There’s great people and great flexibility, in terms of location.” 

As a remote organization, with our team spread across the US, Canada and the UK , Linked Strategies has always been ahead of that curve as well.