LinkedIn IPO

You know LinkedIn continues to make changes every month to the platform. Some good, some bad, some arguable both ways. Many have recently noted the removal of Recommendations and your websites from the top of your LinkedIn Profile. I would suggest this is a bad change for us as users, but a good change for LinkedIn based on how they make money.

You see, LinkedIn is very predictable. Wanting to know more about LinkedIn is easy. Whatever changes they make, they make so we will either see more ad’s or to enhance the features for Recruiters to find their target markets more effectively.

A recent change to the search algorithm suggests they weighted a relationship with a Fortune 500 company higher than other companies, thus pulling people that have worked with those companies up higher on the people search list. Interesting… not proven, but it seems to be the case.

We can also notice that LinkedIn seems to have lost the tag line they loved so much… “Relationships Matter”. Maybe it’s because they don’t to LinkedIn, or maybe it’s because they got some other advice, eitherway, it’s disappearance is not surprising, as Money is what matters, so maybe they are getting more inline with their true core values! 🙂

Ok, all cynicism aside, my relationship with LinkedIn is a love hate relationship. We love it’s potential and the huge network it gives us access to. We love the quality of people engaged. But we really dislike LinkedIn’s engagement strategy with it’s users, it’s customer service, its closed door policy, and it’s seemingly irrational changes it makes without care about the impact those changes have on it’s core user base.

Well we are saying it here… when LinkedIn is considering changes, follow the money.

I predict the next big changes will be around how LinkedIn can get more Fortune marketing dollars. This means more features and controls around Company pages. More limitation on profiles which will require users to have a less quality experience, requiring us to scroll down the page to see more ads. I suspect a few others which I will share another day, but this is it more my insights on LinkedIn today.

Follow the money and you too can predict what changes will come.

Please share with me what you think LinkedIn will do vs. what they should do to the platform. Your predictions will be noted here!

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