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Can Corporate Gifting Help You With B2B Lead Nurturing?

When C-suite executives are bombarded with 100 emails per day, how can your business stand out and improve your lead nurturing strategies? Corporate gifting might be the answer. What impact does it have? Does it help with C-level communication?

4 Reasons to Add Corporate Gifting to Your Lead Nurturing Strategy

Why spend the time adding corporate gifting to your lead nurturing strategy? Is it worth it?

Replace in-person communication

Where we used to have conferences and in-person meetings, we can instead use corporate gifting. It’s not always easy to meet with a C-level lead, especially if you’re working internationally. In-person meetings often build rapport and help with lead retention. Instead of losing that completely, corporate gifting can offer the same perks virtually when done properly.

Nurture existing B2B leads

Trying to track and engage with dozens or hundreds of prospects can be overwhelming and some might lose interest if they feel like they aren’t valued. Sending a gift will renew their interest in your company and make them feel like you’re thinking of them even if you aren’t meeting with them.

Account-based marketing

If you’re already leveraging Account-Based Marketing (ABM) then you’ll have your lead’s information at your fingertips. Using ABM, you’ll be able to see what drives your leads, what they value, and what sort of gift might benefit them most.

Build personal connections

If you can nail what kind of gift to send a lead (using the tips below) you’ll be building deep, personal connections with your prospects. Discovering their preferences and making their day with a gift personal to them will make them feel valued.

Ultimately, corporate gifting and lead nurturing go hand-in-hand. C-level communication requires thought, effort, and ingenuity, which is possible through corporate gifting. In the process of finding the perfect gift, you’ve taught yourself everything you need to know about your lead and you’ve started your lead nurturing process.

The benefits of lead nurturing with corporate gifting

How to nurture your leads with corporate gifting

Timing is key. First, think of relevant holidays or birthdays for your lead. Try a more obscure holiday like National Taco Day (October fourth) instead of Thanksgiving (which many others might be trying to benefit from). 

Or maybe men’s health is important to your lead and the best timing for you would be during Men’s Health Awareness month (November). By choosing a memorable time to send a gift, you’ll stay fresh in their mind.

Personalize your gift, especially when it comes to C-level communication. Touch on your lead’s interests, goals, or hobbies. Include a personalized note so your lead recognizes the effort you’ve put into your gift and feels like you value their time.

Book a meeting using the gift. Since we’re less likely to go out for lunch with leads, send them a food delivery gift card and ask for a virtual lunch meeting. If you can work an invitation into your gift, you’re more likely to secure a meeting with them since they’ll feel like something is in it for them.

How corporate gifting benefits you

Yes, corporate gifting is an effective lead nurturing strategy and entices your leads, but what’s in it for you? Corporate gifting can build lasting relationships with yourself and your leads. So, while you might not make a deal right away, gifting keeps them in your pipeline where they might be a viable option in the future.

Corporate gifting fills your sales funnel with opportunities and happy leads, helping drive them through to conversion with a bigger chance at top of funnel conversions. Lead retention rates are higher since leads are less likely to consider other brands when they’re receiving gifts.

You can also drive brand awareness. While gifts accompanied by logos aren’t as appreciated as gifting for the sake of gifting, C-level leads will still know who the gift came from and thus appreciate the company. Focus on gifting because you thought of your lead, as opposed to gifting to promote your brand, and you’ll drive brand awareness through exposure.

C-level communication tips

  • Go bigger and spend more on the C-suite. Show them you’re serious and you can offer them what they need.
  • Give without expecting something in return. As in life, don’t be upset if the effort isn’t reciprocated. The point is lead nurturing. They might need more time before converting.
  • Focus on quality over quantity. Something significant to your lead will be received with more gratitude than multiple gifts they don’t care about.

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