Lead generation: Should we hire a team and in-house or outsource entirely?

Outsource or in-house? It’s an age-old question with no one size fits all answer. Some aspects of business can be done in-house at a reasonable cost and without too much institutional knowledge. Others, that perhaps seem simple to in house on the surface, can turn into major pitfalls. What about lead generation though?  

Well, if you want to in-house there’re advantages. You can control the process from start to finish. Over time, you’ll evolve and get better at defining your own message and you’ll be able to institutionalize that. You might think it’s cheaper too, especially when you’re faced with some of the prices lead generation businesses can charge.

But, here’s the thing, typically outsourcing your lead generation is way cheaper in the long run. 

A while back, we introduced a prospect to our program. He was excited. We were excited and expecting him to close on the deal and become a client. Then, he went quiet. 

Eight months later, he got back in touch and said, “I tried to do it myself.” He tried to replicate our email marketing model with three in-house staff. He spent six figures in the process and still wasn’t getting consistent leads. 

Apart from the fact the results are uncertain and often slow to achieve, trying to do lead generation in house is typically more expensive because the head count gets so high.

You need a head of marketing, someone to create content you’ll drip through to prospects and someone to host blogs and webinars. When the leads come in you’ll need account development reps to nurture and qualify them before passing them onto the sales team. You’ll need someone to manage those reps. If things don’t work out straight away, you’ll probably resort to cold outbound calling to boost numbers. That can really increase the headcount. 

Your end result will be brand awareness and hopefully some lead generation, but nothing is guaranteed. 

Outsourcing, or at least outsourcing to us, you’re buying into a business with the existing intelligence to get consistent, qualified leads within 1-3 months. You can keep the headcount low, which keeps you nimble. The amount you pay is fixed on a monthly basis too. 

Crucially, you’re going to pay for a measurable result, not unquantifiable risk. We are one of the only companies in the lead generation business that gives you a guaranteed number of leads over the time you’re with us.

To find out more about how our guarantee works and the risk it saves you, you can click here.