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5 Ways to Increase Your B2B Sales Leads

When sales teams excel at their lead nurturing strategies, they’re able to make significant gains in profits. Generating high-quality leads is one of the critical keys to success with B2B sales. However, it can be challenging. Understanding how to attract qualified prospects and draw potential new customers into your sales funnel is a skill any salesperson can learn.

Lead generation is one of the first parts of the sales process and while many companies tend to focus on the number of leads generated, finding the right quality of B2B sales leads is what guarantees success. Concentrating on just numbers might mean having many unqualified leads who may never convert. So focusing on high-quality leads alone is the key to increasing your B2B sales. 

Run a proven direct email outreach program 

Email marketing is a staple in lead generation, and multiple email campaigns can be created and tailored to suit your prospect’s position in your sales funnel. All of these campaigns should work toward the same goal of getting leads to know more about your value proposition and eventually convert. 

An ideal way to use email marketing is by running a direct email outreach campaign that targets each lead with personalized content based on where they are in the buying journey. Examples include sending emails highlighting product features to leads in the consideration phase to prompt them to move forward into the purchase/decision phase. 

Target key decision-makers via LinkedIn

If your company is interested in getting top-level executives, you’ll want to be active on LinkedIn. The platform has over 800 million users, and a large majority of these users operate in the B2B space. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach decision-makers who are often pivotal to buying decisions and reach out to them on LinkedIn. 

The platform has features like InMail that make it easy to connect with people who aren’t in your network, so reaching targets is easy if you have yet to connect with them. Share messaging on your product or service and value proposition when you have their attention. Like most social platforms, LinkedIn also allows its users to run targeted ads. These boost your content to a broader audience, allowing you to connect with a wider audience and increase visibility. 

Leverage Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) combines the skills and resources of the sales and marketing team to provide an elevated and personalized customer experience. They concentrate their effort on only high-quality leads, making them more likely to convert. This cutting-edge strategy is considered a higher lead generation method that requires time and resources to execute appropriately. 

When done right, it can significantly increase ROI by increasing B2B sales. Both teams have valuable insights on leads, so having them collaborate and create campaigns together provides a goldmine of information on leads and lead capturing. They must be perfectly aligned and in sync with each other to ensure this strategy works. Have every duty, responsibility, and accountability identified and correctly assigned to each team so they know what they’re in charge of and when the sales team takes over from the marketing team in the sales funnel. 

Establish credibility via thought leadership

Establishing your company as a thought leader in your industry builds credibility and makes leads more interested in purchasing. Sharing valuable information, such as original research and publishing whitepapers and blogs, shows prospects you understand the industry while delivering value. 

Thought leadership content can also increase visibility as people in the industry reference the post or share it with their network. It also makes your brand a respected authority, and they’ll continually refer to your company for information on trends and the latest developments in the industry.

Participate in speaking engagements

Attending and speaking at or hosting industry events is an excellent outbound sales technique that allows you to connect with high-quality leads. Many relevant prospects will participate in, sponsor, or follow such events, creating a perfect opportunity to meet with them face-to-face.

Interacting in person can boost B2B sales as your sales teams work their magic on attendees and collect contact information. This helps build your prospect list with leads who have shown a keen interest in your offer and have a high chance of converting. 

Linked Strategies leverage various tools, such as data and email technology, to identify high-quality leads. Your business can significantly increase its B2B sales leads by leveraging our skills and years of expertise. Contact us today to start filing your sales pipeline with high-quality leads guaranteed to close.