How we are helping Evoke New York go beyond referral based marketing

Andrew Cohen is the CEO and Managing Partner of Evoke, New York, a digital transformation company. They are experts in helping companies automate and enhance efficiency—effectively lowering time, money and resource use—through your existing technologies, coming like Seal Team 6 so to speak, and in most cases dramatically impacting organisations.

We’ve been partnered with Evoke for almost a year, working with them on one of Linked Strategies’ Executive Direct Response (EDR) campaigns. Before working with us, they were looking to scale and grow more predictably and have more confidence in the quality of the leads and the seniority of the prospects they were approaching. 

“We were getting a little stagnant in terms of new business development,” Cohen explains. “Most of our business was from referrals and existing clients. Marketing was about mining those clients and finding new opportunities through them.” 

Evoke brought in a sales team, but found they weren’t really capable of finding strong enough leads to bring value to the company. They began looking at opportunities with marketing partners, including Linked Strategies.  In particular, they wanted to bring in quality executive leads from their exact target market. 

“We wanted c-suite, executive VPs and up,” says Cohen. 

Linked Strategies’ approach to executive lead generation was a completely new model for Evoke, but, “The referral we got for you was really top notch,” says Cohen.

After deciding to partner with Linked Strategies we began a deep dive into Evoke and what was really at the heart of their business and their offering.

“As you learned more about our business you were able to refine the marketing and the messaging… You’ve actually found additional ways we can market ourselves. Your team look for areas they can really partner with us on and they want full success. It’s an interesting process” 

As is often the case with our clients, insights we garner over the course of an EDR campaign have helped them redefine the way they think about themselves, as a business, and present themselves to potential clients.

“It’s a difficult product to sell sometimes,” remarks Cohen, “Because you’re competing against a lot of large IT companies. We’ve been working with you guys to find a message that resonates.”

They have managed to go beyond the referral based marketing of the past and begin to scale. They are also building long terms relationships, not just with clients ready to close deals right away, but clients who will come to them when the time is right in the future.

“The campaign has hit a stride in terms of the number of meetings booked and the quality of the meetings,” says Cohen.