How we are helping Avatar Resources bring their conscious business message to the world

Avatar Resources is one of our newest clients. They’re a leadership development firm, which Linked Strategies is helping to find B2B, executive leads in their exact target market. You can watch the video of our customer experience interview with founder and CEO Blaine Bartlett above. 

Avatar was founded in 1987. It is now one of the leading culture transformation consultancies, working with the world’s biggest brands, across almost every market sector. Astrazeneca, Nokia, Apple and Microsoft, have all been clients over the years.

The focus of their business, until recently, was large scale, global enterprise. For lead generation, “Getting their attention sustainably, over the long haul was a real challenge,” says Bartlett. “We have never marketed, it’s all been word of mouth.”

With the world changing so rapidly with the pandemic, Bartlett asked himself, “Can we pivot with elegance, with minimal unintended consequences to our organisation – to the people in our organization?” 

As a result, Avatar decided to bring their offering to the mid-market, something they’d never done before. 

Linked Strategies was the clear choice to help do that. “In conversation with you, I never felt like I was being sold anything… The quality of the conversation was always really exceptional. I would walk away [thinking] not only that I felt good about myself, but I felt understood. Relationships develop in the fullness of time,” says Bartlett.

Our enormous reach with executives in his exact target market, using our email platform, was a big draw. Our culture of doing conscious business is too.  

“The foundation of [Avatar] is compassionate capitalism. Business is the most pervasive force on the planet, so it has a moral responsibility for the wellbeing of the whole,” says Bartlett.

It fits perfectly with Linked Strategies mission to bring positive change in the world, by spreading the message of conscious businesses. 

Bartlett says his customer experience has been one of partnership from the get go. 

“We felt taken care of. Even when there are speed bumps, it’s like, we’ve got this. We’ll make it work.” He especially values, “Having a high quality relationship and a partner I can rely on as a sounding board adviser.” 

If you’d like to find out more about getting on board with us and generating leads with c-suite executives in your exact target market, get in touch here.