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Lead generation is the lifeline of any business. But many companies try to offload this critical task onto their marketing departments.

Often times this does not work.


Keep in mind that marketing is a broad and rapidly-changing field, with a number of sub-categories of specialization.

Lead generation requires expertise in every aspect of the process and not all salespeople are created equal. Some are great at finding new prospects, some are great at nurturing them, and some are great at closing.

It is rare to get someone who excels at all three.

Additionally, there is the risk of burnoutpushing employees to take on the roles of too many different positions can cause them to stretch their skills thin.

If your team isn’t operating at maximum potential, your marketing won’t be as successful as you’d like.

Simply, your online lead generation engine does not necessarily need to be in your office.

In fact, you’re better off outsourcing it.

Outsourcing to lead generation experts, who have expertise in nurturing qualified leads or meetings, has been proven to provide more effective results.

But companies have struggled weighing the benefits of hiring a full-time marketing professional over outsourcing online lead generation programs for years.

The word “outsourcing” often has negative connotations.

Companies often choose to utilize their staff/a team over outsourcing online lead generation programs without investigating the financial implications of their decision, whether it’s because of a perceived loss of control or a lack of clear marketing objectives.

So let’s define what outsourcing lead generation is and who are the top agencies to consider:

What is Online Lead Generation Outsourcing

When a company or individual offloads the duties of identifying, nurturing, managing and converting leads to an expert(s) in the field of lead generation.

5 examples of top Lead Generation outsourcing agencies to choose from:

1. LinkedStrategies
2. Lead
3. Strategic Sales & Marketing
4. Callbox
5. CandorWorks

Now that we have defined what lead generation outsourcing is and listed some of the best agencies to choose from, here are six areas where you can reap benefits:

1. Save Money

It’s easy to forget just how expensive it is to maintain any in-house staff.

According to data provided by, the salary range for a marketing specialist with about 2 to 3 years of experience is about $65,000.

When doing cost comparisons between hiring a marketing professional and outsourcing, people tend to focus solely on salaries.

Salary itself is, of course, a big expense, but it’s far from the only cost involved. For instance, once you have found the right person to hire, you will have to add employer’s taxes and other payroll-related expenses like health benefits, and paid time off.

Adding employment taxes and benefits potentially raises a marketing specialist salary to over $100,000.

You’ll need to develop a strategy, build a program and give them the necessary technical resources (computer hardware, software, workspace, technical support, etc.) to do their job.

Then there are other ancillary costs such as recruiting, hiring, and training staff members.

However, when you outsource you’ll only pay for the actual services which you contract the agency for. This, in most cases will cost significantly less than hiring even one marketing professional internally.

In comparison, by investing $60,000 with a marketing agency such as LinkedStrategies, you secure access to better-qualified people with the specialized skills you need, when you need them.

This includes experts to help develop your B2B or B2C online lead generation strategy, dedicated campaign management to ensure things run smoothly, plus other specialized functions.

You’ll achieve cost efficiency if you work with a company that already has these processes in place.

2. Talk to Those Who Matter

If you’ve ever been involved in a cold-calling campaign, you know how painstaking and ill-fated it can sometimes get.

Face it, the majority of your cold-calling efforts won’t be successful. It’s hard work that often has low returns.

When you outsource your online lead generation tasks to experts you’ll be able to connect with potential customers who are ready to talk about your products and services (warm leads) instead of just reaching out to many different people (cold leads).

Working with a lead generation company that has skilled sales teams that will find you those prospects who are in buying mode can be a massive boost for your sales endeavors.

As an executive, it all boils down to what you would you prefer to have your sales team doing – finding new leads or closing existing ones?

When you outsource the bulk of your lead generation to the right experts, they’ll send you qualified leads that are already scheduled to meet your sales teams.

These leads will be ready to talk to you, allowing you to spend your time having a higher-level discussion with these future clients.

3. Save Resources

Digital marketing is an area that is constantly changing, and at an extremely fast pace.

It’s not only the methodologies that are evolving quickly, it’s also the tools that are needed to put those methods into practice.

One of the benefits of outsourcing is that you can take advantage of the research and testing the chosen agency has already done and continues to do on an ongoing basis.

As experts in the field, it’s the agency’s responsibility to be aware of the most cutting-edge technologies, and to know which tools are the most effective at getting the results you need.

When you outsource your lead generation tasks to a marketing agency, you’re not hiring an individual. Instead, you’re buying a strategy, clearly defined programs, tools, and marketing processes, all of which will directly impact your ability to:

  1. Generate more leads
  2. Better communicate with your prospects
  3. Position your company to be more competitive.

Outsourcing to a good agency will expose your lead generation campaign to the latest and greatest technologies, at no additional cost to you.

In our case, proprietary program(s)/platform(s) built and supported by professionals that help to provide predictable and sustainable lead generation resulting in strong return-on-investment.

How Outsourcing your Online Lead Generation Services will Save You Money, Resources and Time

4. Better Evaluate Your Results

When you outsource your lead generation it not only helps you to save money and resources, it can also help you to better evaluate campaign results.

You’ll work with a competent sales team that can help you better craft metrics and evaluate your campaign’s success.

5. Less Stress

In a field with high turnover managing an in-house sales team requires a lot of energy, time and effort especially if you need to bring on new employees, train them to ensure that they properly transmit your message and embody your culture.

It’s particularly difficult if you’re a new business that’s building your employee base and your sales strategies or for those starting out on a new sales campaign.

But with outsourcing, you’ll already have an experienced team in place so you can get going much quicker.

6. Save Time

Outsourcing your online lead generation tasks not only saves you money and resources, it also translates into better use of your time.

Hiring an independent contractor or lead generation agency typically involves a much shorter hiring and training process because you’re also gaining the combined professional knowledge of a team of marketing professionals.

Once your marketing strategy is built, messaging created and targets identified, the remaining work can be done by lower skilled, less expensive marketing professionals.

Much of lead generation outsourcing is the gathering of information on customer’s buying history, in order to generate sales.

That history today is gathered mostly from the Internet. Current software has the capability to analyze site traffic to form a pattern.

Information can be gathered about customers’ spending habits which is then passed on to a database.

In the past, many of the companies gathering this type of information fell into difficulties because the data was obsolete or the interest of the consumer did not match the area of products or services on offer.

These days lead generation outsourcing can do a much better job at gathering new and relevant information to present a truer picture of the sales landscape.

It’s difficult for companies to gather this amount of data on their own. Thus, leaving it in the hands of a lead generation agency that specializes in gathering this information can save a lot of stress and time.

This will allow your key marketers to put all their energy into other tasks.

If you’re looking for more rewards and less fruitless searching, you might consider outsourcing your lead generation.

Marketing is supposed to be about achieving specific goals in the most cost-effective manner. Outsourcing translates into better campaigns, better efficiencies and lower overall costs for your business.

If you’ve got the budget and the space to operate your online lead generation engine under your own roof, then good for you.

If not, you should seriously consider the value of outsourcing your online lead generation efforts. When you work with an agency like LinkedStrategies, you get the full team, often for less than the cost of hiring even one individual as an employee.

This ensures that you have expertise in every aspect of the process that will consistently and predictably attract leads for your business, all without breaking the bank.