How Linked Strategies help Ted Miller bring training mastery to the entrepreneurial masses

Ted Miller is the founder of Training Mastery. He allows entrepreneurs to double the size of their companies in 12 months. He achieves this by helping small business owners improve their skills. 

Linked Strategies has been working with Miller for 7 years and in that time we’ve become an indispensable part of his business. He relies on us almost entirely to ensure his schedule is filled with sales calls, each and every day. 

“Targeting the right buyers is the single fastest growth strategy – period,” Miller says. “It’s also the least done because it’s so hard… A lot of entrepreneurs say to me that if we can get people on the phone we can usually close a pretty big chunk of those deals. Boy,  it’s just getting them on the phone that’s the tough part.”

Miller realized that’s exactly what Linked Strategies did and decided to partner with us. Through our Executive Direct Response (EDR) campaign we engaged prospects in his exact target market and went well beyond what he expected from a lead generation business.

“You make getting hold of c-suites really easy,” he explains, “You just get the stuff done that no one else wants to do… I wake up in the morning and see appointments booked into my calendar with people who fit my avatar. I just come in like a rockstar and take the calls”

Our sales development reps (SDRs) ensure that any prospect that makes it into a sales meeting with Miller has already expressed an interest in his offering and even takes care of the scheduling.

He says that filtering out individuals who do not fit his sales avatar makes a huge difference.

Before, “We had 12,000 people every month calling us up, but how many of those fit our avatar?  We had people who hadn’t even opened their business yet and you have to work through those… I was like, how do we reach entrepreneurs and decision makers?”

Linked Strategies is meticulous in data targeting prospects and establishing their need for a client’s offering.

Ted converts about 30% of every lead we send him and says he now has the ability to take what was previously a 9 months sales cycle and fit it into two weeks and two days. As we like to say at Linked Strategies – we turn marketing cycles from months to minutes. 

“You’re integrated into so much of my business life I forget how much you’re doing,” he says. “I can get a meeting with people most could never hope for… You are always making me money and what I spend working with you is a fraction of that.”