Businessman discussing business pitch with the executive.

Five Ways to Re-Engage with Prospects After the Holidays

At the end of the fourth quarter, many people take time off work and business goes on the back burner. You may lose track of leads while they’re busy with vacations or engaged in budget planning and meeting year-end targets. It, therefore, becomes important at the start of the new year to reconnect and re-engage with prospects. This article will cover tips and tricks to resume prospecting and building business relationships with C-suite executives once the first quarter (Q1) of the new year rolls in.

Start early

Keep running campaigns during holidays to remain top of minds. Reconnect with executives as soon as the holidays are over. While they may be swamped by emails and calls, position yourself ahead of the competitors with elements of personal touch in your outreach. Extend warm season greetings and catch up casually. They may take some time to get back to business in full swing as a lot of other critical planning and deliverables are due for them at the beginning of the year.

Highlight your success stories 

When you reach out to C-suite executives, they need to see your credibility and expertise in the business pitch. Share the most significant accomplishments of the previous year—the brands you worked with, and the milestones achieved, along with the client testimonials. Also, highlight how you want to accelerate their business with your tried and tested tactics.

Share key data metrics 

It may seem daunting to kickstart and nurture executive relationships. C-suites are hard to access with their busy schedules. And they’re conscious of the perfect fit of the relationship with business goals. When you’re able to secure a meeting with them, position the value proposition of your solution by building credibility with key data that asks:

  • How does your product help them solve the problem?
  • How does it help the team become more efficient?
  • What’s the impact on the bottom line?
  • How will it reduce risk?

Identify client priorities and establish a fit

If you’re looking to forge trusted connections with business leaders, your sales pitch should reflect how you understand their goals. Show your product is a good fit for their business vision and plans. Ask about their perception of the relationship and what their expectations are to show you’re committed to their concerns and needs. Learn what didn’t work for them in previous partnerships and show how your services are unique enough that they’ll help them achieve their goals.

Show realistic targets and plans

Get a sense of your prospect’s product/feature roadmaps along with business and financial targets for the year. Getting to know your clients’ priorities will help you plan your outreach accordingly and provide them with what they need. If you plan your sales around their calendar, you’ll increase your chances of success and become an integral part of their priorities.

Partner with Linked Strategies

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