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The Five Most Efficient Prospecting Methods You Should Be Using

Sales teams across industries are struggling to tap high-quality leads and sustain engagement. If you truly want to connect with high-intent leads and cultivate trusted executive relationships, it’s time to revamp old-style prospecting strategies, such as cold-calling and email campaigns. If you need to fill your sales pipelines consistently and predictably, consider dipping your toes into channels such as account-based marketing and referral marketing. This blog will cover how you can elevate your prospecting strategies and grow your business. 

Elevate email outreach campaign

Email outreach is still one of the most popular ways for sales reps to reach out to leads. And it can be hugely effective if it’s done well. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to maximize the responses from prospects.

  • Don’t neglect human touch 78 percent of marketers use personalization in email marketing.
  • Create a short,  eye-catching subject line to boost the open rate.
  • Draft a personalized email copy to hook the audience’s attention.
  • Provide value and let them know how you can help.
  • Have a clear Call to Action (CTA) to ensure the clicks come through.

These are good starting points for prospecting via email outreach. Determine what works for you by tracking the performance of your emails. You can tailor messaging and improve campaigns by testing email types and tracking their success. And don’t let disappointing response rates deter you from following up. 

If you feel you still need expert guidance in running campaigns or nurturing prospects, we’ve got you covered. Linked Strategies’ proprietary and proven outbound emailing methodology delivers leads and scheduled meetings with real business prospects.

Attend conferences and trade shows

If you want to establish yourself as a trusted source and thought leader in the industry, participate in networking events, conferences, and trade shows. This is the perfect platform to present your product pipeline and value proposition, address audience concerns, and network with influential industry leaders. Expand your Centers of Influence (COI) by interacting with key stakeholders, influencers, and other complementary businesses. You can ask your existing connections who will be at the event for introductions to people you want to meet. Follow-up after your introductions to schedule a meeting.

Tap referral marketing

If you’re struggling to build relationships with business owners or C-suite executives, a proven Referral Marketing Plan can help you establish credibility and integrity more efficiently. Referral marketing—the process of mobilizing sponsors and loyal customers to refer your brand or product—is one of the best ways to find valuable customers. This is evident from the fact that 78 percent of B2B marketers say referral programs generate good or excellent leads. 

However, this channel seems to be underused—only 30 percent of companies have a sales referral program. Here’s how to build a referral program for B2B lead generation:

  • Forge personalization in current relationships to promote client referrals.
  • Expand your Centers of Influence (COI) by partnering with influencers who have strong relationships with their audience.
  • Promote your success stories on social media that’ll have a ripple-down effect on word of mouth marketing.
  • Leverage employee advocacy as a brand promotion by staff adds credibility.

With Linked Strategies’ expansive network of Fortune 500 companies, you can leverage referrals for your business. We provide our clients with the right strategies to grow their networks in relevant industries through our relationship-building skills. Our “Clients for Life” program provides a structured and consistent, high-touch process of personalized communications, and gifting to cultivate the conditions that promote greater referrals, engagement, and renewals.

Leverage account-based marketing

If you’re unable to open the door with the best prospect companies and get through to key decision-makers, consider account-based marketing (ABM). It involves identifying select groups of accounts that require tailored services by using the combined expertise of the sales and marketing teams. You need to then target them with personalized outreach. 

With ABM, your team treats every lead as an individual market, using only custom communications, content, and campaigns for better ROI. It’s beneficial to work with an experienced lead generation company such as Linked Strategies to improve your marketing efforts. Our years of experience in generating B2B sales leads makes your ABM strategy more effective, allowing you to achieve your sales goals.

Partner with Linked Strategies

To get executives’ attention, and convince them to agree to meet you, reach them where and how they prefer to be reached. Your message needs to be tailored specifically to their needs. With Linked Strategies, B2B companies can get the meetings that matter most by using the right channelbe it email outreach, referral marketing, or ABM. With our exclusive focus and experience connecting with senior executives, we understand their mindset and know how to professionally get their attention by delivering the most motivating messages.

Over the last ten years, we’ve employed innovative strategies to meet our clients’ needs. We also leverage our connections to secure appointments with executives in different industries. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to find, nurture, and set appointments with the right leads.