Executive engagement strategies – short form or long form copy?

Content marketing is consistently seen as one of the sure-fire ways to get leads today. It’s certainly true in some settings, but not in all. Let’s say your target market is c-suite executives in the B2B space, for instance. The fact is, CEO and other c-suite executives simply don’t have time to engage with content, let alone take action on it. If it’s extremely relevant, they might pick up a white paper, but even then, it will probably only be if it’s been sent by another exec.

That’s the key, in order to engage with content, executives need to have it delivered by someone with authority. That’s why, at Linked Strategies, we specialize in making connections between executives via email. Check out our blog on why executives are most likely to engage with an email sent by another executive.

With that in mind, you’ll still need to write the emails and get the messaging right to draw their interest.

In my experience, a deferential approach is always best. All execs are busy and you have to be respectful of their time, so set that tone at the beginning of the email. 

Explain what you do as quickly and concisely as you can and then present the business case. Execs are going to need a good sized executive summary to make an informed decision on whether they’re interested in what you do. That being the case, don’t be afraid to go long form in your email.

Establish credibility by listing previous clients. Then talk about results. Make sure you include plenty of data and bullet points on what you’ve achieved for clients.

If you can do all of those things, and, like I said, get the tone right, you’ll be well on your way to scoring more executive leads. 

That said, consider outsourcing it to us. We have nearly ten years of institutional knowledge in this approach and can almost always save you time, money and resources compared to trying to do it yourself. Get in touch with us here to find out why that is.