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Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Try

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Effective Lead generation is hard, especially when you only rely on traditional methods.

As we have established and detailed in several other blogs, direct email is generally still one of the most effective lead generation tools there is.

As we move further into digital transformation, businesses are being forced to adapt to newer methods of marketing in order to grow. Direct email is one of the few dinosaurs of traditional marketing that is as relevant as the new flashy digital marketing techniques, especially in the B2B world.

But it certainly is not the only effective lead generation option B2B companies can utilize in their lead generation campaign.

You could still reach your lead generation goals by adding value for your prospects.

A search for “lead generation ideas” will return millions of results. But while some will bring back helpful pieces of information, there are some that will contain outdated methods that won’t work anymore.

So, we’ve filtered through the noise for you and isolated the best of the modern B2B lead generation ideas that have been proven to drive results and increase leads.

These more consumer-focused methods provide valuable information to prospects that warms them up instead of encouraging them to take action.

1) Create Help Videos that Solve Issues for Prospects

The reason why these are very effective is that it’s both entertaining and easily digestible to potential customers while solving real problems.

Creating videos or hosting webinars strictly about how to use your product(s) or service(s) would only apply to people who were already customers. Creating videos relevant to anyone will create value for people who may not be familiar with your brand or products.

If they learn something useful from you, they’re likely to re-visit you as a source, eventually providing an email address. 

2) Offer a Deep-dive Answer for a Tough Question

The answers to many questions can be found on the internet. But how many of them are really useful?

Taking the time to create in-depth, step-by-step articles, white papers or blogs that answers burning questions for your prospects is a great opportunity to generate leads.

Normally, the company that provides the best answer to a querying prospect or a lead will often get the business.

This provides a great opportunity to also build brand trust.

3) Offer a Free Trial

These help to get a prospect’s foot halfway through the door. If the trial helps them and provides great value, they’re more likely to purchase the full product and become a customer.

Free trials encourage buying in a low-pressure way. It doesn’t require the user to enter their payment information, so users who sign up don’t have to worry about an unexpected credit card charge.

4) Host a Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the most successful lead generation ideas and is perhaps the most logical method – people love the idea of getting something of value for free.

However, make sure what you’re giving away is something people actually want or else prepare for a bunch of junk leads.

If you consistently do giveaways users will, whether they win or lose, continue to engage with your brand in hopes of winning in the future.

Leverage Lead Magnets

The irresistible offers that essentially rewards your customers into checking out what you have to offer.

These work:

According to the DemandGen Content Preferences survey:

  • 76% of B2B customers would share their information for a white paper
  • 63% would do so for an eBook
  • 79% would provide their details for a webinar
  • 66% would offer information for a third-party report

5) Create a list of Useful Tools

When you take the initiative and explore other helpful tools outside of the ones that are relative to your company, it proves that you prioritize their success over your own self-promotion.

You will likely attract people from your target audience who are actually searching for solutions like yours, which could drive leads.

Like with answering questions and help videos, if you provide content that is comprehensive that gives the readers what they need, they’re likely to return and even subscribe to get more helpful information in the future.

6) Customer Reviews

The below statistics proves how beneficial this method is:

  • 92% of customers will read online reviews before they even consider a purchase.
  • Around 50 or more reviews can lead to a 5.6% increase in conversion rates.


Authentic insights from persons and organizations that have used your service/products in the past raise your profile significantly.

It helps appease the fears and alleviate the doubts that potential customers might have about using your services/products.

In fact, that goes for pretty much every company in any industry.

Additionally, product/service-specific reviews boost your search traffic by convincing Google you have more value to offer.

Leverage the SEO power of Customer Reviews

Review platforms present a great opportunity to expand your brand presence and get noticed by the right people because they generally have a strong presence in organic search.

71% of B2B searches start with a generic keyword phrase – a Google/CEB study

When customers leave reviews on a third-party platform that has strong SEO, you increase the chances of being found by qualified prospects in search for FREE!

Google is all about helping people find what they’re looking for, thus seems to favor review sites in search engine results.

7) Share Success Secrets from Thought Leaders

By interviewing experts in your industry to uncover their secrets, you prove to potential customers that you’re dedicated to delivering the best advice and information to them.

You can create content from interviews you conduct with successful founders where you get answers to really specific questions that your target audience can learn from. Then share that content or the raw interviews with them.

With interviewing these thought leaders you’re likely to get valuable quotes, lessons, and actionable takeaways to share with your audience. This touch helps build brand reputation as a source for expert information.

8) Use Google AdWords

Particularly for the B2B market, Google AdWords can be a very effective means to generate leads. Users know what they are looking for when they come to Google and AdWords provides a valuable opportunity to get your message in front of the people that search for terms related to what you are offering.

Promote content assets you’ve created like white papers or eBooks to drive traffic to optimized landing pages where users can submit their contact information and become a lead in a low-commitment setting.

But remember to keep testing and optimizing your campaigns with keyword match types and targeting for optimal results before you scale.

9) Answer Questions on Quora

Creating a Quora account and joining the conversation provides an opportunity to present yourself to potential leads and dazzle them with your authoritative knowledge.

Quora is a public question and answer platform whose popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

The platform makes answering questions a useful means for getting you direct exposure to leads who are seeking solutions to problems you can possibly solve.

The platform’s full-text search function makes tapping into the right conversations quick and easy giving you the power to search any term relevant to your business.

Done correctly this unorthodox marketing technique can improve brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and improve sales.

In addition to this, Quora allows you to add backlinks to your website or landing page.

 10) Attend and Speak at Industry Events

While this might be the lesser popular of the lead generation ideas, they are a substantial source of qualified leads for countless businesses globally.

I’ve been to my fair share of these and those in attendance will already have some level of interest in what you have to offer because they are usually centered around a theme.

With the potential to speak on panels, give presentations or run a seminar they also present an opportunity to showcase yourself as a thought leader, which help bolster your credibility and generate new leads.

It’s important that you go into these events with a structured plan and well prepared. Also, take into mind that the work doesn’t stop when the event is over as people who visited your booth will likely have been to others as well.

So ensure you follow up with leads sourced at events quickly as the momentum generated during the event easily dissipates once it’s over.

There are many more lead generation ideas that can be tailor-made to suit your business. But the key to success is constantly testing and optimizing new strategies to find what works best for you.