Case Study: how to get 180 meetings with C-Suite executives from the largest companies in EU & the US

At Linked Strategies we work with a huge variety of clients to bring them executive sales leads. From giant companies like Nasdaq to small consultancies.

Over the next few weeks we’re sharing some of the ways we’ve helped clients achieve guaranteed numbers of sales leads. That will include case studies, interviews, videos and blog posts that will give a sense of how we solve problems for executives. 

Today we’re looking at a firm that operates in the corporate culture consultancy space. 

The problem…

The client was targeting c-suite execs and senior vice presidents at European companies with 5000+ employees. The twenty-year-old organization has a long list of prestigious, past clients, but they wanted to acquire new business beyond their referral base with predictability and precision. Being a consultancy with limited time for marketing, they couldn’t waste their efforts talking to the wrong companies or people at the right companies with the wrong titles.

Content marketing was something they did, but it rarely got them in front of the right people. Most of them were tyre kickers or competitors. To grow at scale, they needed a marketing initiative that would lead to consistent and predictable meetings with their c-suite buyers.  

The solution…

The highest converting marketing for them was referral business and migrating executive business. Because this was not predictable the company was looking at all marketing options including SEO, PPC, event sponsorship, exec roundtable groups, webinars, social media marketing, content marketing, as well as direct response email marketing. 

The decision was based on how fast they could generate meetings with execs that fit their target market criteria.  

After careful analysis, the fastest path to getting execs on the phone was using Linked Strategies Executive Direct Response Campaigns (EDR). Our campaigns guaranteed 120 exec meetings per year with no cap on how many came in.

The results…

The result of working with LS was immediate with over 25 meetings set in the first month and 100 over the first six months with SVPs and c-suite execs at 5000+ employee companies.

Approaching the end of their campaign, they had a pipeline of $7m, exclusively with c-suite executives, from some of the largest companies in the world. After nine months, there were 181 meetings against the guaranteed 150 meetings offered by Linked Strategies. 

This initiative landed them sales meetings with Pepsi, Qualcomm, Bloomberg, Unilever, Hertz, SAP, Airbus, Fox Broadcasting, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Loreal, Delta, GE, Polaris, AT&T, Mastercard, Qantas, Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, Fedex,  and over 160 others.