Case Study: 375 CEO and CFO leads in a year for an investment & banking consultancy firm

At Linked Strategies we work with a huge variety of clients to bring them executive sales leads. From giant companies like Nasdaq to small consultancies, as long as they’re in the B2B space, we allow them to connect with the executives they want to do business with. 

Over the next few weeks we’re sharing some of the ways we’ve helped clients achieve guaranteed numbers of sales leads. That will include case studies, interviews, videos and blog posts that will give a sense of how we solve problems for executives like you. 

We’re going to start with a case study of an investment banking and consultancy firm. This organisation was a referral based company looking to scale to the next level and drive business opportunity faster, outside of waiting for referrals. 

Their target market was CEOs and CFOs only, at 5000+ employee organizations in Europe. The problem was, they had no easy path to generating scalable awareness in this market with any degree of certainty or predictability. Available solutions were doing lunch and learns, advertisements online, paid speaking at events, social media promotion, buying a booth at events, content marketing and direct email programs. Check out our blog with a run down on which of these works best for exec leads.

The client had developed a proprietary methodology, which it considered to be a bleeding edge strategy in technology acquisitions. As a niche consultancy in mergers and acquisitions specific to the tech sector, talking to anyone less than CEO or CFO wouldn’t have given them access to decision makers. This left an enormous challenge with all executive marketing strategies, because execs at that level don’t have the attention span for most of those efforts. 

The solution they thought would best solve getting access to execs was using Linked Strategies and our executive direct response program. It guaranteed 150 leads to the target market over the course of 12 months. 

After we were hired, we tested and validated different strategies for 6 months, ultimately cracking the code and generating over 40 leads a month. That allowed the client to scale with 375 leads over the course of the campaign. The client had more leads than their sales facilities could deal with, being a small consultancy. They opted to halt the campaign and spend the next year or so nurturing the leads they had.