Case Study: how to gain 375 meetings and $13m pipeline with executive email marketing

At Linked Strategies we work with a huge variety of clients to bring them executive sales leads. From giant companies like Nasdaq to small consultancies.

Over the next few weeks we’re sharing some of the ways we’ve helped clients achieve guaranteed numbers of sales leads. That will include case studies, interviews, videos and blog posts that will give a sense of how we solve problems for executives. 

Today we’re looking at a world leading company in the corporate culture consultancy space. 

The problem…

The company was already leading their market, but knew they had to keep pushing the envelope in order to stay there. Over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies were already clients and they had a lot of referrals, but they wanted to expand their offering to mid market. 

They had to appeal to companies that would otherwise discount them because they thought they were too big.

Their primary challenge was falling into a fat cat syndrome and not meeting new executives. 

The solution…

They were considering multiple marketing initiatives to engage the c-suite market. The top considerations for them were content marketing via webinars and sharing on social platforms or using Linked Strategies’ Executive Direct Response (EDR) campaigns. After careful consideration of how executives behave and engage in the digital world, the Linked Strategies Executive Direct Response (EDR) campaigns were the obvious choice. 

They would shrink marketing cycles from months to minutes and the entire process would be handled from database development, through to the sales call being held. It would also provide sales calls with their exact target market within a month or less and a guaranteed result of 120 meetings in a year was the sure path to success. 

The results…

Through this initiative with Linked Strategies they got 86 meetings in the first month, 375 meetings in the first nine months and a $13m pipeline. Ultimately, the mid market campaign was so powerful it helped get acquired by a much larger organisation prior to the completion of our contract.