Building Trust With Clients and Sharing Our Expertise

Our sales development reps (SDRs) are essential to generating quality leads for our executive clients. When a prospect expresses an interest, our SDRs warm up the lead and nurture them through to a sales meeting. You can read more on that subject here.

We spoke to Evelyn Glen, one of senior SDRs, on how she does that. She says it often means building a relationship of trust with the client she’s working for and helping them to understand the process of getting execs into sales meetings.

“When you want a relationship or rapport, you’ve got to be conscious that the customer has to be right in order to feel comfortable. All you can do is advise and guide. You need the customers’ trust in order to do that effectively.” 

Our SDRs have years of experience in nurturing executives to meetings. In fact, they’re so good at it, their expertise often rubs off on our clients’ processes. 

“Let’s take scheduling software,” says Evelyn. “Executives will have processes in place and personal preferences. What they often don’t realise is the benefit of the right scheduling software. We had a client recently that adopted our recommendation and right off the bat they were getting a much better attendance rate for their sales meetings.” 

“We rub off on people, because of who we are and how we do things,” she says. “Nate [our CEO and founder] regularly meets with clients and gives them advice on how to get sales leads. If they really work with us, we build trust and they start to see results.”. 

Fixing executive to executive meetings is what Linked Strategies was built to do nine years ago. With each day our specialism grows and that can feed into your revenue and save you time, money and risk.