Executive Direct Response

How our Delivery Platform Works.

Target your buyers

Our EDR Platform begins with targeting your buyers who are the right level executives, in the right industries, in the right size companies in the right locations around the world. Our database is curated real time and cross-referenced against the public domain which we call Real Time Social Data. This helps us build the most accurate database available on the market.

Peer-to-Peer Model

We also execute your campaigns on behalf of your senior executive to facilitate a unique Peer-to-Peer communication model. Our experience and testing has shown our Executive Direct Response model to be over 400% more effective than campaigns typically blasted out by sales or marketing.

Engaging Executives

Our local professional writers than work closely with our clients to develop campaign messages that tell your inspiring story using our 5-Psychological Triggers model that ultimately gets an executive’s attention. Our team has worked with some of the largest brands in the world so our messages are always professional, courteous and respectful.

Deliver Managed Campaign

Lastly we deliver our Executive Direct Response campaigns across our proprietary email and LinkedIn technology platforms to deliver you a predictable new pipeline of executive leads.

Executive Direct Response Platform