Linked Strategies for Acquisition


Since our foundation just 8 years ago, Linked Strategies has generated over 100,000 leads and/or scheduled meetings with prospects resulting in over $1B in new revenue for clients across a wide range of verticals. We’ve served Fortune 500s and other large enterprises like Nasdaq, Microsoft, IBM, Authentic Brands and Westcorp; mid-sized organizations such as Senn Delaney, The Pacific Institute, Stony Point, and Mesa Labs; plus many consultancies, tech firms and start-ups.

Linked Strategies for Engagement


Linked Strategies Managed Services for Executive Engagement grew out of our core expertise in establishing and building high-level executive relationships for generating quality leads and meetings. To meet the evolving needs of our clients, we’ve introduced innovative solutions for nurturing existing client relationships to build customer lifetime value and generate referrals, and for engaging key staff to boost retention, engagement and productivity.

Based on proven methodology for engaging
high-level executive decision makers

Linked Strategies Founder & CEO Nate Kievman

Nate Kievman’s founding of Linked Strategies was a direct result of his 10+ years experience in client acquisition for Fortune 500 companies, major IT providers, and professional service firms as both an independent consultant and head of his own full-services digital agency.

From extensive testing he saw that most “best practice” B2B marketing programs (such as content marketing) take a year or more to start yielding leads – and most are not the high-level executives required to close new business. Testing also proved email was hands down the most effective way to reach key decision makers. The glaring contrast was that while 90% of the budget was devoted to content marketing and other social initiatives, 90%+ of results came from Email Marketing.

So he honed a new strategy around email specifically designed to build rapport and establish trusted relationships with high-level executives that proved capable of bringing in quality leads in the short term. It proved to be so powerful, he closed down his digital agency and created Linked Strategies to focus on this model exclusively.

Meet the Leadership Team


Nathan “Nate” Kievman, Co-Founder and CEO


Nate is a highly sought-after digital strategist and is considered a leading business growth and marketing expert globally. As the co-founder and CEO of Linked Strategies, he has helped 300+ companies to better position themselves in the market and create a steady stream of targeted and pre-qualified meetings with top executives, CEOs, VPs, thought leaders and other difficult-to-reach decision makers. He is also responsible for innovation, growth, and overall company direction and ensuring that Linked Strategies can fully support its mission to accelerate and elevate the growth of conscious and transformational organizations and individuals. As a former baseball player and Division 1 coach, with a Master’s degree in Business and Sports Administration, you will likely find Nate coaching on the baseball fields with his kids or spending time with his wife, Leah in his off-time.


Dr. Leah Kievman, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Integrity Officer


Leah co-founded Linked Strategies with Nate and is the company’s Chief Brand Integrity Officer. In that role, she applies a holistic view to ensure that the experiences and practices within the company adhere to Linked Strategies’ mission to accelerate and elevate the growth of conscious and transformational organizations and individuals. Her focus is to create a unifying force and a cohesive, conscious culture that builds authentic and engaging relationships, both internally and externally that are in line with the company’s values. In her free time, Leah spends time with her family and connects to her passions for people, the planet, health, and contribution. Her goal is to continually contribute to the elevation of the consciousness of humanity and leave a legacy of service.

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