account-based marketing strategy

Why ABM Works So Well for B2B Lead Capturing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has been successfully implemented as part of many B2B lead generation campaigns. What is it about ABM that works so well with B2B campaigns? This article will explore why ABM captures high-quality B2B leads best. 

ABM and B2B lead generation: a symbiotic relationship

At a high level, ABM marketing helps organizations communicate efficiently with either individual prospects or many prospects at once (an account).

More specifically, ABM can target one account, and the decision-makers in that account, with specified content personalized to them that drive higher rates of lead conversion. With a dedicated ABM marketing strategy, you can coordinate touchpoints at an earlier stage in the sales funnel.

Personalization returns to marketing and sales

You might think using ABM takes the human touch out of the marketing and sales process, but that’s incorrect. ABM strategies give you the time to personalize the content and the pipeline even more for your leads since you no longer need to spend time researching and tracking your target market — ABM marketing will do that for you.

With ABM marketing, you can (and should) target specific accounts and personalize your content to reach those key decision-makers. Content geared toward your ideal B2B persona will address their needs, wants, pain points, objectives, and goals. This content will make them feel understood and more likely to convert.

ABM marketing also gives you the option of personalized communication. With software that can track all your leads’ interactions, you can send them relevant content that feels like it was meant for them. Targeting people in a meaningful way will increase lead engagement and retention. They will be drawn to your company with the promise that you have what they need.

Cohesion across the company

ABM marketing requires even effort from both the sales and marketing teams in your company. First, you need to capture and nurture your leads as part of your lead generation strategy. Then, you need to sell to them.

This marketing strategy aligns teams across your company with the same goals and messaging so that no matter where a lead is in the pipeline, they are constantly receiving the same values and company voice. Where teams have notoriously worked in their separate bubbles, they will now work as a team altogether.

Outlined ROI and analytics tracking

With the data compiled through ABM marketing based on how your leads interact with it, you’ll have a clear understanding of your ROI and areas of improvement. Be part of the eighty-four percent of companies that say ABM offers a higher ROI than other types of marketing.

ABM outlines the performance of your personalized content, whether that be email campaigns, webinars, phone calls, or something else. This data is essential in understanding where you’re doing well and what could be improved based on your leads’ preferences. Ultimately, seeing that you’re making more money is good, but knowing how to keep that going is better.

Efficient lead generation strategy

ABM encourages a narrow focus on key accounts chosen based on their potential benefit to your company. A narrow focus drives revenue by working on accounts that have the most to give your company while simultaneously freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks and saving money.

ABM will take on the automated and analytical aspects of your lead generation strategy, while your staff can focus on developing meaningful content for your leads.

How to implement your ABM strategy

Select your high-value accounts

Find the accounts that are most important to your company and spend your time and effort on them. Start with accounts you already have a rapport with because you’re closer to a sale with them. A quick sale will promote brand loyalty, referrals, the lifetime value of an account, and the possibility of an up-sell.

Look for accounts:

  • with market influence;
  • with high revenue potential;
  • with a clear decision-maker;
  • that are likely to make another purchase;
  • that offer higher profit margins.

Run your marketing campaigns

Your marketing and sales teams can now start working on personalized marketing campaigns to target high-value accounts. Anything that can be personalized should be to remind your leads they’re your top priority and that you value them.

Compile content and messaging that would be seen as valuable and relevant to your target accounts. Address their business challenges and provide solutions with your product or service.

Find out how and where your target accounts like to consume their content. You might use the web, mobile, email, or social media.

Since your marketing and sales teams will be properly aligned at this point, coordinate your campaigns across whichever channels you’ve chosen and ensure consistency in the messaging and the personalization.

Take advantage of the world of technology, your CRM tool, and analytic tracking options to execute your ABM marketing campaigns at a greater scale and reach your target accounts wherever and whenever they are.

Track the data and learn

Once your leads start interacting with your ABM campaign, data will start pouring in. Have a properly prepared system to analyze the metrics you see, whether that be clicks, impressions, filled-out surveys, or something else.

Your marketing team should know when your sales team starts hearing from the accounts so they can also see what’s working and what’s not. When an account is interacting with the sales team, be ready to pursue them because they’re ready for the next stage of the pipeline.

Even if your lead generation strategy is doing well, use what you have available to you to constantly improve. Run tests to see if another format or another channel might work better. Try different messaging and hitting on different pain points. Listen to what your leads are looking for and be the first to make it happen.

Data and analytics are there for a reason. Glean what you can from them to optimize your ABM marketing strategy.

You’re on the right track, but there’s always more you can do to increase revenue at your company. Linked Strategies offers a mastermind community where you can further improve your B2B lead generation strategy. Join us today!