Titans of industry, corporate leaders and leading executive coaches all agree – business is built on relationships. But due to distance, work, time, technology and more, companies today are more challenged than ever to form the trusted relationships with high-level executive decisionmakers required to grow sales and revenue.

Linked Strategies provides a unique suite of Executive Engagement Managed Services that are proven effective for building the B2B strategic relationships that drive client acquisition, customer retention and lifetime value, and referrals. In fact they are so effective, we guarantee results.

Some of the Companies We’ve Helped Our Clients Get Into


Generating Quality Leads & Meetings


Need to consistently and predictably fill your sales pipelines with prospects that represent real revenue opportunities? We offer proven and scalable methodologies to achieve it – in less time at less cost than trying to do it yourself and with guaranteed results. Learn more >


Turning Clients into Raving Fans


Looking to boost customer retention, lifetime value, and referrals? Our turnkey, automated, multi-touch messaging and gifting program provides an easy way to deepen relationships with existing clients. Learn more >


Engaging Employees and/or Partners


Want to make key, high-value people or partners feel recognized, stick around and work harder? Our automated messaging and gifting program provides purposeful attention on them to win their loyalty and motivation. Learn more >

Delivering major B2B results across verticals

Linked Strategies provides an end-to-end solution
for cultivating business relationships to grow your business


We’re on a mission to help companies
seeking to do good in the world do better

Our mission is to help accelerate growth for conscious and transformational companies who aspire to make the world a better place – through innovative strategies, methodologies, messaging and data technologies that engage and build trusted connections with others in a scalable and predictable way.

Linked Strategies is an Ambassador Member of the Conscious Business Institute. Our management team fully embraces Conscious Business principals and we are trained on the CBI programs and concepts.

Develop the relationships that will grow your business