B2B executives, industry leaders, and executive coaches all agree – business is built on relationships. The issue is that the most valuable relationships can be more difficult to build than ever. Noise, chaos, and unpredictability characterizes much of today’s B2B digital landscape.


Reaching the executives you most want to speak with, and getting them to agree to meet, happens only when you reach them where and how they want to be reached and with a message tailored to speak specifically to them.

Linked Strategies helps B2B companies get the meetings that matter most. Our unique approach combines best-in-class executive copywriting, data strategy and compliance, campaigns that can include industry-specific messaging and ABM, and our own AI-enabled technology with cutting-edge growth strategies and large account sales techniques.


Because of this we can provide more links in the chain of growth and guarantee performance so that our clients can achieve their revenue goals.

Companies We’ve Helped Our Clients Connect & Engage With


Generating Quality Executive Meetings


Need to consistently and predictably fill your sales pipelines with prospects that represent real revenue growth opportunities. Our data strategies, AI technology, and comprehensive campaign strategy can get you there faster and with guaranteed results.


Building Executive Engagement


Getting executives to engage with your message and agree to speak is a tough challenge. We have tested our messaging framework across millions of emails to executives in thousands of organizations and it’s proven to get their attention, build rapport, and inspire them to meet.


Winning the Business


Let’s face it. Having tons of meetings that aren’t relevant doesn’t translate into growth. Speaking to your ideal prospects and effectively managing deals does. Our strategies can better enable your sales team to speak effectively with executives and maximize the opportunities in every high value meeting they have.

Delivering major B2B results across verticals

Linked Strategies provides a complete solution
for cultivating business relationships to grow your business

We’re on a mission to accelerate and elevate the growth of conscious and transformational organizations

The world is changing at a breathtaking rate, and we get to decide how we will respond and contribute to the people around us. We recognize that the words we speak, the messages we put out, and the results of the actions we take in the world matter. They matter profoundly.


We help companies grow exponentially by helping to create relationships at the executive level that can alter they way they do business, how they are able to provide for their employees, and the benefit they can provide to their communities for the better. We are in service to that goal.

One way we do this is through our Pay It Forward initiatives which help organizations that are making a positive impact on the world, but may not be able to afford the level of professional services and solutions we provide.


Linked Strategies is also an Ambassador Member of the Conscious Business Institute. Our management team fully embraces Conscious Business principles and we are trained on the CBI programs and concepts.

Develop the relationships that will grow your business