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How We Increase Revenue for Great Companies


Why Companies Come To Us

Lack of Leads

Most companies only generate 10-15% of the sales leads required to meet their revenue goals

Not optimizing Sales

Most sales reps spend up to 65% of their time prospecting, not selling!

Lack of Outcomes and Innovation

Generating high quality leads is the #1 challenge for 61% of B2B marketers who are seeking innovation and business outcomes.

We fill up the top of your sales funnel with qualified executive leads and predictably grow your business.

We fill up

We fill up the top of your sales funnel with qualified executive leads and predictably grow your business.

We typically generate

70 – 90% of our clients marketing qualified leads (MQL’s), not just leads.

Sales teams involved

in our campaigns spend a majority of their time on customer selling activities, not prospecting.

How We Are Different From Other Lead Generation Providers

Linked Strategies is a Conscious Business Accelerator

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee our results or we give our clients money back. We are the only enterprise level lead-generation firm using an outcomes-based model because our unique approach works and our results allow for it. Our results far exceed industry averages because helping you connect with and build relationships with executives is our singular focus.

Focused Exclusively on Senior Executives

Our focus is exclusively on connecting with senior executives utilizing a Peer-to-peer model. We understand the mindset of senior executives and know how to courteously and professionally get their attention with your unique value proposition. Our approach has helped our clients generate over $300 Million in revenue.

Powerful Platform

Our Executive Direct Response platform combines the best of email marketing combined with LinkedIn Social Selling. Our expertise in both email marketing and LinkedIn is unparalleled in the market. Linked Strategies is the number one LinkedIn training, Groups builder, and executive lead generation provider in the market.

So how do you get the attention of busy executives?

And compel them to meet or talk with you long enough to make your case?
Linked Strategies specializes in targeting the senior executive decision-makers and we understand their mindset. Our proven 5-Psychological triggers model connects, engages and inspires so our clients get a steady stream of pre-qualified appointments with top executives who are hard to reach.

Our unique approach results in a consistent flow of in bound high quality executive prospects in as little as 60 to 120 days, guaranteed.

Now you’re speaking my language

We've helped our clients book appointments and ultimately close deals with these companies:

As well as top executives from over 80% of the Fortune 500.

We help accelerate Growth for Conscious and Transformational Companies who are making our world a better place.

Linked Strategies is an Ambassador Member of the Conscious Business Institute. Our management team fully embraces Conscious Business principals and we are trained on the CBI programs and concepts.

If you are a Conscious and/or Transformational organization, we can deliver you appointments with a highly targeted few, or up to thousands of new prospects, investors or media opportunities in 60 to 120 days,… Guaranteed

We tend to work best for companies who:

Have a unique & compelling offer

Are in the B2B market

Are clear on who their target market is

Are selling a high-ticket item that requires a relationship with a key decision maker

Have an effective sales process already in place.

Our Service Model

Managed Service: Executive Direct Response Campaign

We provide everything for you. All you do is check your inbox/CRM each morning with new leads from Executives interested in learning more about your services/solutions/software/etc.

We build it for you: The predictable lead machine

After you have run an Executive Direct Response campaign successfully, you have the option to continue or have us migrate the service in-house for you.

Our Story