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Every day more and more individuals are using the internet and not just for sending emails. People have created whole businesses solely over the internet and are very successful. So much so that I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to revisit some well-known, yet easily forgotten etiquette tips.


Here are 10 Commonly Overlooked Best Practices in Social Media:

  1. Do unto others – “Please” and “Thank You’s” do go a long way. If you wanted to be respected you first have to give respect.
  2. Be nice – Remember, what you do on the internet is a reflection of you and quite possibly your business. Be positive and encouraging. No one wants to be associated with a negative individual.
  3. Don’t be too quick to judge – You know the old saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? It still holds true today. When meeting individuals online, you should strike up a conversation, get to know them a bit before you judge who or what they are. In social media and in marketing, relationships matter. Start building yours today!
  4. Be respectful – Just because you are “hiding” behind a computer doesn’t give you free reign to act as you please. You still need to treat people properly.
  5. When marketing-use a first name – If you want someone to actually respond back to you, you need to make your connection more personable. Using their first name is a great way to start!
  6. Don’t be annoying – Don’t continue to send emails out every hour on the hour. It’s annoying and clutters up one’s inbox. If you don’t hear back from an individual right away, give them some time. Some people aren’t surgically attached to their computers like some of us! 🙂
  7. Play by the rules – Be respectful of group and community rules. Follow the terms of use of the social platform you are using.
  8. Don’t abuse your network – Use your network the right way. Don’t post how your day is going to your network all day long. It’s unprofessional and quite frankly, unnecessary. If you must post something, post something of significance that your network can actually use, like a great social media link you just found or some sort of tip, advice or quote you find significant.
  9. Add a profile picture – Everyone likes to “see” who they are talking to. It’s easy to do and having a picture on file does make you look more reputable and professional.
  10. Above all – don’t be too quick to react.  People are trying to figure out the most proper ways to communicate and millions are entering as rookies on a monthly basis, so show patience, kindness and assume those trying to interact are naive before you assume they are malicious.

These are just a few etiquette tips that are meant to be reminders, but do bear repeating. There are obviously many more. Just be thoughtful, kind and use common sense; the rest will come naturally.

About the author

Nate Kievman

Nathan Kievman is a highly sought after Digital Strategist, bringing a no nonsense business approach to digital and social strategies. His company, Linked Strategies is a consulting firm that specializes in measurable LinkedIn Client & Talent Acquisition Campaigns, helping companies from around the world find the fastest path to their target market today through services, training and technologies. Having helped his clients generate more than $100 million in new deals through LinkedIn, his company specializes in using LinkedIn and Socially Verified Email strategies to deliver their clients a steady stream of highly targeted and pre-qualified appointments with top executives, CEOs, VPs, thought leaders and other key decision makers who are typically hard to reach. Serving more than 250 clients over the past several years, Linked Strategies has helped its clients generate thousands of inbound appointments with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives from startups to large companies such as Sony, Adobe, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Apple, Ogilvy, SAP, Cicso, HP, LinkedIn, Verizon, Facebook, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and thousands of others. The bottom line… Linked Strategies provides you access to either a highly targeted few, or up to thousands of new prospects, high caliber talent, investor relationships or media opportunities in as little as 30 to 60 days, guaranteed. For a free assessment and Target Market Analysis to determine if working together would be a fit, contact us at


22 Responses to “Social Media Etiquette: 10 Commonly Overlooked Best Practices in Social Media”

  • Hi, Nathan - thanks for sharing this. Excellent advice and I particularly appreciate number 10, since I find myself way too quick to morph in SM police mode sometimes. I would only add something that I see a fair amount of and that actually occurs both in virutal and in F2F interactions. Many of us are now engaged in active searches for employment or our next project. Having a "What can you do for me right now?" attitude as we evaluate other's value to us is real counterproductive. I have actually decided not to support one or two people because it was always about getting a job, rather than what they might provide for someone else or simply establishing a connection with another person. Thanks for this! John.

  • Adam says:

    Thank you Nathan - here's another tip; when sending a connection request it's helpful to include a personalised message, which is much more informative than a standard "I'd like to add you to my network" script. People relate to people, don't inadvertedly treat them like a number.

  • Very great tips and advice Nathan. And I totally agree with Adam on sending a personalized note when sending a friend request. Thanks for this great post Kenneth!

  • I agree! Thank you's totally go a long way in social media.

  • Coleen Kenny says:

    Fabulous... I reposted on my FB page!! (Saw you at NSA UnConference...thank you for the info and the nsa link!)

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  • Hello Nathan, Thank you for posting this! I find it really strange that the more technology we have, the less willing we are to keep etiquette in mind. "Just be thoughtful, kind and use common sense; the rest will come naturally." - You summed it up nicely here!

  • Karen says:

    Thanks Nathan - well-honed advice! I would also suggest that Social Media posters take special care of their spelling, punctuation and grammar. Laziness in those areas can draw a negative spotlight and dilute one's message. When in doubt, paste your sentence or paragraph into Word to double check!

  • thanks Nathan you real talked about what a lot of people over look in business. They might be simple but affect the relationship in business

  • thanks Nathan you realy talked about what a lot of people over look in business. They might be simple but affect the relationship in business

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  • Excellent web site. Plenty of useful information here.

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  • Doug Lauffer says:

    Thank you for the direct, clear, advice, Kevin Kievman!

  • Tina says:

    Good Website. No photo no response. If you want to be treated professional take the pains to dress and act the part that means put a decent job related photo or standard photo head shot. If you don't professionals like me won't bother answering or allowing you in to our circle.

  • Excellent issues related to social media etiquette quiet decent to be taken into consideration by many people... Specially those who have the role to teach or train others. They are definitely lessons to be learned… Should be reached to so many ASAP … Oss!