why you should use linkedin for your business

I got serious about using LinkedIn several years ago after learning of the “Real Value of LinkedIn” during a course that I was going through that really helped me understand the business case the platform.  The insights about revamping my own profile showed me I needed to really make it top notch with the understanding that people were going to read it and it would be a real reflection on me, … so I either had to do it right or not do it at all.

I went from just having a handful of past friends and business associates connected to me on LinkedIn to now having just over twenty thousand connections with associates and business professionals and people interested in what I teach and do. I can now interact with and contact any of these individuals to expand my own network, source new business deals, get introductions, and much more.

Now there are many people with more than a thousand contacts on LinkedIn that are not able to do anything with those contacts. My strategy, however, is to connect with and expand my network on LinkedIn with people who have read about me, attended a webinar, purchased a product, heard me speak or someone I’ve done business with in some way. Doing this allows me to help my business grow, either directly with their skill set, or with their help through their network.

There are a lot of other reasons why Linkedin is really valuable, so let me share with you 11 reasons you should use LinkedIn for your business:

  • Attract Business Clients
  • Accelerate Go To Market Opportunities
  • Generate New Leads & Fill Pipelines
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • Larger Per Deal Purchases
  • Longer Client Lifecycles
  • Get Found, Get Deals
  • Create Inbound Leads Consistently
  • Create a Targeted Tribe/ Online Communities
  • Maintain “Top of Mind Awareness”
  • Establish Cutting Edge Social Strategies

If you can think of any other, feel free to submit them in the comments section here and we will add them to the list.


About the author

Nate Kievman

Nathan Kievman is a highly sought after Digital Strategist, bringing a no nonsense business approach to digital and social strategies. His company, Linked Strategies is a consulting firm that specializes in measurable LinkedIn Client & Talent Acquisition Campaigns, helping companies from around the world find the fastest path to their target market today through services, training and technologies.

Having helped his clients generate more than $100 million in new deals through LinkedIn, his company specializes in using LinkedIn and Socially Verified Email strategies to deliver their clients a steady stream of highly targeted and pre-qualified appointments with top executives, CEOs, VPs, thought leaders and other key decision makers who are typically hard to reach.

Serving more than 250 clients over the past several years, Linked Strategies has helped its clients generate thousands of inbound appointments with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives from startups to large companies such as Sony, Adobe, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Apple, Ogilvy, SAP, Cicso, HP, LinkedIn, Verizon, Facebook, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and thousands of others.

The bottom line… Linked Strategies provides you access to either a highly targeted few, or up to thousands of new prospects, high caliber talent, investor relationships or media opportunities in as little as 30 to 60 days, guaranteed.

For a free assessment and Target Market Analysis to determine if working together would be a fit, contact us at


17 Responses to “11 Reasons You Should Use LinkedIn for Your Business”

  • The opportunity to present your profile and USP to others.

  • Every marketing or sales person has to sell himself first before he can sell his services or product(s). LinkedIn is a great way of promoting one's very own self.

  • I think there is a 6 way to be included and that is "learning from others by sharing opinions" by beeing active on LinkedIn. This could have impact on future future results and future line measurements.

  • nate says:

    There are easily 10 ways LinkedIn can help your business... I agree Peder, nice insight. I will have the other 5 in another article soon. thanks, nate

  • ben says:

    If this is not the 7th then this is the 12tfh on your list. "If you asked for assistance, be specific and do not beat around the bush". People responds if there is a valid question. But if there is doubt and you want philosphic answers, the respond you will get has no value and truth to it. So, get the facts and research before you ask for help.

  • Another thought: Keep learning and growing in your own field. This keeps up your genuine postive attitude based on the real enthusiam you develop from continuing to expand your knowledge and expertise. Your positive attitude and continued confidence comes through your communications at every level.

  • I strongly recommend Linked for building the professional contacts and grow your business across the globe.

  • John says:

    The 11 reasons are valid and great. But I think one of the areas that LinkedIn can be used for is proactive management of the people you interact with and to target yourself to specific people, industries and groups. Using your contacts, those people in groups you share and your proactive input on blogs, groups and answering questions are ways to market yourself, your expertise, your experience and your passions. LinkedIn is not only a passive tool where you manage your profile and get people to find you, which happens, but when used in a proactive manner you can get introduced to the right people when searching for a job, get answers to your questions from people who are experts in their fields and use the network to offer your expertise to others. It is expanding the village concept of old to the global scope of today.

  • Thanks for the tips Nate! LinkedIn is an excellent tool for marketing. But only few people get success in LinkedIn. The secret which I feel to make LinkedIn a good tool for your business is spending enough time in it and doing the right things.

  • Ananthan says:

    How to build brand through LinkedIn and what are all the possible ways to make a bond with the targeted person in the LinkedIn..

  • It's often said that 70% of buyers have already made their purchasing decision prior to contacting a sales rep. Linkedin allows you to be in contention prior to being contacted. Great sales and marketing tool.

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  • I want to join linked,ao can i join?

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  • Keith Grover says:

    LinkedIn is highly visible to Google - so a complete and optimised profile will be found when people 'google' your name (as most potential serious customers will do), Your LinkedIn profile may be the first thing they see about you...

  • Great article short and concise on strengths of LinkedIn. Please to share